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Grandchildren attending
I am a grandparent with two sibling grandchildren presently enrolled at USI. The major differences I see are several new buildings making the campus seem much larger. With a 1996 Bachelor of Social Work degree from USI, I went to the University of Louisville for my 1997 Master of Science in Social Work because the Master of Social Work program at USI was not yet accredited. I worked at Kentucky Baptist Home for Children in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and hospice at Visiting Nurses Association in Evansville. I retired in 1999, the same year I remarried, and soon after moved to Bloomington, Indiana. My husband Richard and I love to travel. I keep current my Indiana Social Worker License and now advocate for our grandchildren as they pursue higher education. On October 7, 2004, at the Indiana Chapter Convention of National Association of Social Workers held in Indianapolis, Christy Baker [USI associate professor of social work] presented me an Outstanding Social Work Alumni Award from the Department of Social Work at USI. Grandchildren presently attending USI are Melissa Carrico, a young mother with two children (dental hygiene), and her brother Collin Tarr (nursing). Their younger brother Kyle Tarr will apply for admission to USI for fall 2005-06. The father of these three children died when they were young. He would be so proud of them now. The happiest days for Richard and me will be USI graduation day when they graduate from USI, one by one.

Janet Waggoner ’96, social work
Bloomington, Indiana

The Weigand legacy
The Weigand legacy began February 8, 1984. I started working for Jeff Hays, purchasing agent, as the administrative clerk in the Purchasing Department. Now, 21 years later, I still work in Purchasing (Procurement Services) as purchasing agent. At the time I started, the department was located in the Administration Building next to the President’s Office. Now the information desk in the foyer sits where our office door stood.

When I started work, the Children’s Center was at capacity so my children Zach and Heidi waited for several months to enroll. Both Zach and Heidi started their ISUE/USI experience at the Children’s Center in 1984. They are continuing the USI experience as full-time employees. Zach works as a graphic designer in Printing Services. Heidi works in distribution services.

Zach received a B.S. in graphic design in May 2002. I received my B.S. in sociology in May 2002. Graduating together was not planned; however, it was a pleasure to sit beside Zach at Commencement. I taped “SON” on my mortarboard with an arrow pointing to Zach. Zach taped “MOM” on his mortarboard with an arrow pointing to me. I was so proud to be sitting there beside him. I hadn’t planned to walk through Commencement. I wanted the day to be special for Zach. When I mentioned my not wanting to walk, he quickly responded, “You worked hard for your day, too. I want you to be there next to me.” How could I resist? Zach’s wife, Jennie, is also a USI graduate, earning a B.A. in graphic design in May 2004.

My sister, Mary Alice Weigand, also works at USI. She started September 8, 1989, working as an administrative clerk for Business Affairs, and later transferring to the University Division. She is currently an administrative associate for Academic Affairs. She is also a USI graduate. She received an Associate of Science in communications in May 1997.

Deborah Weigand ’02
Purchasing Agent
Procurement and Distribution Services