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What kind of person are you?

What kind of person are you anyway?
A lot of the help with choosing a major and a career goal at the Career Counseling Center is based on the career development theory created by John Holland, Ph.D. Although the first law of psychology holds that no two people are completely alike, research has shown that one of Holland's six General Occupational Themes may fit a given individual better than the other five.

Take a look at the list below. Which of the descriptions is more like you than the others? Which is second most like you? Finally, which is third most like you are? Your first, second, and third choices constitute your Holland code. For a more extensive description of these personality types, make an appointment to discuss your code with a career counselor. The counselor can tell you which careers often appeal to individuals who have the same code you do. Call 812/465-1136 for an appointment.

R - People who have athletic or mechanical interests, and/or ability. They prefer to work with objects, machines, tools, plants, or animals, or to be outdoors.
I - People who like to watch, learn, investigate, explore, understand, evaluate, or solve scientific problems.
A - People who have inborn artistic abilities. They can think up new ideas, or like to work in unstructured situations, using their imagination, inventiveness, or creativity.
S - People who like to work with people. They inform, enlighten, help, train, help them develop skills, or cure them. People who are skilled with words.
E - People who like to work with people. They enjoy influencing, persuading, performing, leading, or managing for personal gain, profit, or growth.
C - People who like to work with data, information, or numbers. They are systematic or organized in carrying out details, or following through on others' ideas or instructions.

By picking the first, second, and third best descriptions of yourself, you can open the door to some very helpful career information.


Write your own three-digit code and click here to find out what they mean.


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