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Employee Wellness Programs

Time to Get FitAnthem WellnessLumenos CDHP/HSA Wellness

Time to Get Fit

The Time to Get Fit program is designed to encourage employees to exercise by participating in exercise programs sponsored by the University.Each employee is given the option of electing one hour per week of paid time to devote to pre-approved fitness activities. Improving the health of employees through exercise should result in decreased utilization of the health care system associated with high risk lifestyle behavior and will enhance employees’ morale, motivation, and productivity.

Program Guidelines

The program is open to full-time University employees. Full-time is defined as having a 75% or greater academic or fiscal year appointment.

A total of one hour of paid time to exercise per week is the limit under this program.This one hour can be used in four 15 minute periods, two 30 minute periods, or one 1-hour period and cannot vary from one week to the next. The time-off must occur during the employee’s normal work week and can extend the total lunch or break time or be an independently designated time period, except at the start or end of the work shift. Under no circumstances may overtime or compensatory time result from participation in this program. No adjustments will need to be made on the timesheets of those employees who elect paid fitness release time.

Based on the nature of the work assignment, specific employees may not be able to participate in this program. No additional compensation will be paid to those individuals who are not able to participate.Additionally, employees working during periods of minimal staffing may be excluded from participating during certain time periods.Under no circumstances will the fitness release time that is forfeited due to work obligations be allowed to carry over or accumulate from one week to the next.

The University reserves the right to terminate this program at any time and without notice.

Participation Procedures

An interested employee must submit an application for the program prior to being granted any time off.All time off under this program as well as the type of program deemed acceptable is subject to approval by the supervisor, the department head and Human Resources prior to commencement of the activity.The employee will receive a copy of the approved application in campus mail and this will serve as official notification that the activity may begin.

You may download an application or obtain one in the Human Resources Department. The employee is required to identify the following on the application form: the physical activity, the location of the activity, the days of the week when the activity will take place, the daily beginning and ending times of the activity and the dates when the activity will begin and end.An employee may also request two or more activities on one application (i.e. walking on Monday and Wednesday and swimming on Tuesday and Thursday).

If the employee decides to discontinue the fitness activity prior to the end of the program, the supervisor should be informed and Human Resources notified in order to accurately track the total release time used.

If approved for participation, the employee acknowledges and certifies that the paid release time taken under this program is for the expressed purpose of exercise as outlined in the program application. Misuse of this time in failing to perform the activity as requested will be considered falsification of time worked and subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

As part of the application form, the employee agrees to hold the University harmless in the event injury or illness occurs as a result of participation in a fitness program.

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities include all University-sponsored wellness programs and activities, intramural events, and exercise programs engaged in on campus.

  • Employee Wellness Committee programs:
    • Walk/Jog/Swim/Bike/Stairstep Program
    • “Climb Mt. Everest” Program
    • Lunch time aerobics
    • Other fitness activities sponsored by the Employee Wellness Committee
  • USI Fitness Center usage and activities
  • University intramural events occurring during working hours
  • Independent exercise activities conducted on campus
  • USI Physical Activities Center usage


Exercise or participation in events sponsored by local fitness clubs not operated by the University (YMCA, Tri-State Racquet Club, Fitness World, etc.) and personal exercise programs performed off-campus (employee cannot request to leave work one-half hour early to go home and walk, etc.) are not eligible for the Time to Get Fit program.

The above mentioned rules were developed to serve as general guidelines for this new wellness program. The University may add, delete or amend these guidelines at any time.If you should have a question on the fitness release time program, please contact Nancy Lumley at 464-1988.

Time to Get Fit Application

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Wellness Programs from Anthem

A comprehensive wellness program committed to surrounding you with the resources, tools, guidance and support to help you manage your health. The following Anthem wellness programs are available to all University employees electing Anthem Health coverage.

The 24/7 NurseLine gives you anytime, toll-free access to nurses who can answer general health questions and provide educational information on critical health concerns. Callers can also access confidential, recorded messages about hundreds of health topics.  More Information.

ConditionCare connects members who are dealing with chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, COPD and heart problems, to dedicated nurses, backed by a team of health professionals including dietitians, exercise physiologists, pharmacists and more. Their mission is to help you gain a better understanding of your condition and offer tips and support to help you follow your doctor’s recommendations.  More Information and FAQ.

Future Moms provides expectant mothers with telephone access to nurses to discuss pregnancy concerns and assess their risk for preterm delivery, depression or other complications. This program includes a book that helps you track your progress week-by-week and other helpful tools you can use to stay healthy physically and emotionally while preparing for your new arrival.  More Information.

MyHealth Advantage provides timely alerts in the mail, called MyHealth Notes, which notify you of possible gaps in your medical care, medication alerts or ways you might be able to save money.  More Information.

MyHealth@Anthem, a comprehensive suite of health and wellness tools here at features health education and interactive tools, like the MyHealth Assessment, Anthem’s online health assessment. MyHealth@Anthem helps you determine your health status and offers tools and resources that can help you improve it. You can also find the most up-to-date information on important health topics, watch videos about specific conditions and wellness topics, and take advantage of discounts and special offers.  Log in at to learn more.

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Wellness Programs for Employees electing Lumenos CDHP/HSA

In addition to those above, the following programs are available to employees with the Lumenos Consumer-Driven Health Plan with Health Savings Account (CDHP/HSA).Enrollment, participation or completion of many of the programs earn employees financial rewards — additional contributions to their HSAs. Learn more about the Lumenos CDHP/HSA.

MyHealth Coach teams you with a personal nurse, or “health coach,” who is available to your entire family as a health and lifestyle resource. Our coaches also help you navigate the benefits available through your health plan.

Healthy Lifestyles is a wellness program that helps you take steps toward improving your health in key areas, such as: losing weight, getting fit, eating healthier, managing stress and kicking cigarettes.

ComplexCare provides help to those with more than one health concern who require high levels of collaborative care. If you qualify for ComplexCare, personalized nurses who specialize in treating multiple health conditions will work closely with you and your caregivers to help you improve your health.

Comprehensive Medical Management provides one-on-one expert assistance to help you find and access the right services and care. The program includes a personal advocate to help you use your health plan benefits effectively and help ensure that the medical treatments you’re receiving are safe and appropriate for your condition.

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Open Enrollment Dates

TIAA-CREF Representative

Lori Matthews of TIAA-CREF will hold individual appointments in the HR Training Room on the below dates. To schedule an appointment, contact 800/732-8353. 

2015-2016 Dates

  • Dec 9
  • Dec 10
  • Jan 13 & 14
  • Feb 23
  • Mar 23 & 24
  • April 19
  • May 25 & 26
  • June 21
  • Jul 20 & 21
  • Aug 23
  • Sept 21 & 22
  • Oct 18
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  • Dec 6