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Employment FAQs

How long is my application (including materials) kept on file?
All applications and materials remain on file for the calendar year.  If you applied in January, 2010, that application will be retained until December 31, 2010.  Applying for a position posted in January, 2011 would necessitate a new application (and materials, if applicable, like a résumé or CV and cover letter).

Should I submit a résumé/application for each position for which I wish to apply?  
Not necessarily.  Previously submitted applications can be reactivated for additional positions.  You have two ways to do this.  Call 812/464-1815 and give the employment person on the phone your name and the name(s) and/or position number(s) for which you’d like to be considered. 

I turned in a résumé and applied for a specific position online. Can you tell me what my status is on that position and/or if my résumé has been forwarded to the hiring supervisor?
Hiring supervisors throughout the University are given applicant materials as they arrive, and those individuals choose candidates to consider further. 

How do I know if a job is still open?
If it’s on our website, it’s open and applications are still being accepted.  When the position is no longer listed on our website, that means the position has been filled, or is otherwise closed for applications.

How long are jobs advertised?
Positions are listed on the USI website for as long as they are open or until the search is closed.

Will I be contacted when a job is filled, if I didn’t get the job?
Yes, you will be contacted whether or not you get the job.  Letters come via postal mail for now.  Our new system (coming soon) will give us the ability to contact candidates electronically.

What do the terms “support” and “administrative” mean?
Support (Office/Clerical and Service/Maintenance & Security) positions are hourly paid positions. They include custodial, maintenance, computer/technical, administrative assistance (secretarial), and security. In higher education environments, “administrative” is a term used for professional, non-faculty positions such as department managers and directors, staff accountants, counselors and advisors.  Faculty positions are mainly classroom instructors/professors.  Part-time positions that are not faculty can be found on the ‘part-time’ tab on the Employment webpage.

Which positions are benefits eligible?
All full-time positions are benefits eligible.  Some part-time positions also get benefits, which can be limited to time off, or even full benefits, depending on the amount of hours worked.  If a position is not on the part-time page, and does not say otherwise, it is full-time and fully benefits eligible.

What web browsers are supported?
Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and others.  For technical difficulties between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., CST, call 812/464-1815 with questions. 

Are the online applications for support/professional positions/faculty the same? 
The application for support differs from the one for professional (administrative) positions and faculty.  The support application can be found at  The professional and faculty application can be found at or

What are the differences in the applications? 
The support application prompts you to give information that would be relevant to a support position hiring manager, like office skills or labor skills.  The faculty and administrative (professional) application prompts you to give information relevant to those positions, like honors, publications and scholarships.

Do I need to submit an application or is just a résumé OK?  Do I need to submit a cover letter with my résumé?
You need to carefully follow the instructions listed in the job posting when applying.  All positions require a signed application be submitted.  Some support positions don’t directly ask for a résumé.  You’re always welcome to submit a résumé or CV and cover letter in addition to an application, but never in place of an application.

How do I sign my application if I complete it online?
We are implementing a system which will make physical signatures unnecessary.  For now, you’ll be asked to sign the paper copy of the online application you complete if you are being interviewed.  You will be contacted and will know your signature is necessary.

What do those letters and numbers after the posting mean, and do I need to use them?
We use that numbering scheme to keep track of our job postings.  Because multiple postings for a similar position exist, it helps a great deal if you submit the posting number on your cover letter or application form.  This way, you can be sure to be considered for the job in which you’re interested.

Can I update the online application/résumé after it’s been submitted?
Not at this time, but soon.  If you need to update your information, you may submit a new résumé and ask us to replace the one we have on file for you.  If you need to make changes to your application, unfortunately, you’ll have to complete a new one.  Our new system will make this unnecessary. 

How can I find out the salary for a specific position?
Rates are listed with Support positions on our website.  They will be filled at that hourly rate and those rates are not negotiable.  Salaries for Administrative (Professional)/Faculty are handled through the Dean/Director and are discussed at the time of offer.  HR assistants are not able to give salary information on those positions.

Can I be considered for all open positions?
Yes, but we recommend that you concentrate on the positions for which you are reasonably qualified.    That helps us give full consideration to all qualified applicants.

Am I automatically matched to jobs?
Candidates have to apply to positions and are not automatically matched. 
I’m a USI student, and I want to work on campus.  Do I find job openings through Human Resources as well?
Career Services and Placement matches students to student worker jobs on campus.  Visit their website or visit them in person in the lower level of the Orr building.