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Academic Probation/Dismissal

Sometimes students do not perform up to their academic potential.  This section of our website highlights information regarding Academic Probation and Dismissal at the University of Southern Indiana.

Academic Probation
Academic Probation is a WARNING that your grades are dangerously low and that you are at risk of being academically dismissed from the university.

A student whose cumulative GPA meets or exceeds the following standards is in good academic standing:
GPA 1.8 for 0-59 quality hours attempted
GPA 2.0 for 60 quality hours attempted

Students who fail to meet these minimum standards will be placed on academic probation for one semester.  During this semester, students on academic probation should make use of available university resources to improve academic skills, performance, and cumulative GPA.  Failure to meet the preceding required GPA levels at the end of a probationary semester will result in academic dismissal from the university.

Academic Dismissal
A student academically dismissed may not register for credit classes at the University for a minimum of one semester, unless readmitted provisionally.  Such readmission is not automatic. Any student on academic dismissal is not eligible for financial aid.

Provisional Readmission
A student may apply for provisional readmission for one semester, according to terms of a provisional readmission contract agreed upon by the student and the readmitting college. 

Getting Back On Track

If you find yourself on probation or dismissal, we want to help you get back on track. After scheduling an appointment with your advisor to discuss your options, please print and fill out the Academic Success Survey and bring it with you to your appointment. This will guide the discussion with your advisor so that they can find the best solution for you to achieve your academic goals.



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