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AA&A Scholarship Information

Julie Bordelon with Roneshia Clark past recipient.One of the main purposes of the AA&A organization is to maintain a scholarship fund for a few eligible USI undergraduate students. Our goal is to continue to raise money in order to help as many students as we can each year.

AA&A Scholarships given since 1991

If you need undergraduate financial assistance, the AA&A awards two (2) $750 scholarships during Honors Week in March/April to those USI students who are selected.

The applicant must:

  • be a full-time undergraduate student one semester prior to applying,
  • be a full-time undergraduate student when scholarship is taken,
  • maintain a 3.0 GPA, and
  • be in need of financial assistance; however, may be receiving other financial aid.

AA&A Present & Past Scholarship Receipient's Bio's

Thank you so much for the education funding. I am very excited and thankful for your support.

Throughout my life, I spent a good majority in foster care, but I did not let that hold me back. I always felt that I had a purpose in life, and knew that I could be anything with an education. I knew that with an education I did not have to live the life I did as a child and will be able to give my children a childhood when the time is right after college.

I fell in love with occupational therapy while completing the Health Science Program at the Career and Technical Center of Southern Indiana. I am thrilled to be graduating the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program in December and to finish my Health Services Degree in the Spring. I will be a first generation college graduate and debt free as well. I will be making history and I am proud of it. I will be rising above my circumstances.

Kelly Stone (2015 Scholarship Receipient)

Brandi HollenMy name is Brandi Hollen,
I grew up in Jasper Indiana and moved to Evansville seven years ago.

I am a proud graduate of Central High School where I participated as the drum major of the marching band, the president of the national honor society, and a cofounder of Central's recycling team, among other activities. I have two brothers, a step brother, a step sister and I am a proud aunt of 3 nephews and one niece.

I have known from a young age that I wanted to care for people and it became clear that nursing would be a great path for me to pursue. As a junior in the nursing program here at the University of Southern Indiana,I am gaining priceless skills that I will be able to carry through my entire professional career. The guidance from the professors has been so valulable and I could not thank them enough for strengthening my desires to help others and for helping to build confidence in myself along the way. I plan to work in the field of pediatrics as my passion is really working with children. My hope is to go back to school to gain a Master's degree after gaining some hands on experience in the field. I believe that children are the foundation of our society and I would love nothing more than to help them grow up to be healthly adults.

The support of my family and friends has been the the most influential force to help me through nursing school. The motivation from my parents as helped me through so much in life and I hope that I can one day do the same for someone else. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to receive this award. This scholarship will be very helpful in assisting my finances for my final year of my undergraduate degree.

Zachary WatsonHello my name is Zachary Watson,
and I am a senior here at the wonderful campus of the University of Southern Indiana.

I study History, Mathematics, with an emphasis on Psychology. I am proud to say that I have a 4.0 in BOTH of my majors. I love my education and I love USI. Upon my graduation from the University of Southern Indiana I will be able to teach fifth through twelfth in History, any of the social sciences, Psychology, and Mathematics. The classes that I have taken here at USI has broaden my understanding of many things. I am a firm believer that nothing great in this world has ever been accomplished with passion, and passion sells! And nearly each and every single one of my professors here have been passionate about their subject that they taught. In turn, I have always been motivated to do my best and get the knowledge and joy out of every class I have taken. I am an advocate for a liberal arts education, I feel that a worldly education is absolutely paramount in building character and critical thinking skills. I know that without the push and ideas given to me by my friends and especially my professors here at USI, I know I would not be where I am today. I am only 22 years old and I already own a business, Trix Stix with Zachary Watson, where I have found my sphere of interest and I use my personal brand of being an entertainer and motivational speaker. I have already performed in front of thousands of people at events at schools (elementary through college,) churches, conference centers, and stadiums. The people and speaking skills I have learned here at USI have indubitably made me a better orator. The economic classes have given me an understanding on how to price and charge the value I bring to whatever venue I am higher for, and also on how to understand supply and demand. My history classes have helped me understand the importance of our past and it has given me a strong base to make my prose and speech writing skills splendidly fantastic. And my math classes have accelerated my critical thinking skills, which helps me solve enigmas that I run into, and it has also helped me be able to be fast on a whim when something must be switched during a performance. Overall, I know that my business as an entertainer or speaker has only boosted my resume so that if I end of not being able to sustain myself through the income I make during that, then I will still be able to become the best middle or high school teacher the world has ever seen. Essentially, I know that my future is going one of two ways: 1. The path of success by speaking and entertaining or 2. The path of success by being an exceptional teacher.

Either way, I will be happy and I want to share something with whoever might read this... "Don't Dream it...BE IT!"