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Since its founding, the University has made a significant investment in physical facilities. In 2013, the Applied Engineering Center opened, and in 2015, the Performance Center held its first theatrical performance.  

Other major facilities added to USI’s campus in recent years include the Business and Engineering Center, expansion of the University Center, the David L. Rice Library, the Kenneth P. McCutchan Art Center and the Palmina F. and Stephen S. Pace Galleries, the Dowhie Ceramics Center, and an expanded Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center. Four residence halls have been added since 1999, and the Residence Life Community Center opened in fall 2008. Improvements also have been made to the spectator facilities in the Physical Activities Center and the outdoor athletic fields.

Major Facilities

  • Byron C. Wright Administration Building (1969)
  • Science Center (1969)
  • University Center (1974); expanded (1996 & 2011)
  • Technology Center (1975)
  • Physical Activities Center (1980)
  • Robert D. Orr Center (1990)
  • Frank F. McDonald Apartment Complex (1994)
  • Joseph E. O'Daniel Apartment Complex (1994)
  • Health Professions Center (1995)
  • Liberal Arts Center (1999)
  • Art Studio (1999)
  • Newman Hall (1999)
  • Governors Hall (2000)
  • Recreation and Fitness Center (2001); expanded (2009)
  • O'Bannon Hall (2001)
  • Science and Education Center (2003)
  • Ruston Hall (2004)
  • David L. Rice Library (2006)
  • Kenneth P. McCutchan Art Center/Palmina F. and Stephen S. Pace Galleries (2008)
  • Residence Life Community Center (2008)
  • Lenny and Anne Dowhie Ceramics Center (2009)
  • Business and Engineering Center (2010)
  • Applied Engineering Center (2013)
  • Performance Center (2015)
  • The Griffin Center (2016)


Additional Facilities

The Physical Plant Services Center houses the central power plant and offices.

The Support Services Building houses offices, maintenance shops, Procurement, Distribution Services and Risk Management.

The Publishing Services Center is the location of the copy center, creative and printing services, news and photography..

The Children's Learning Center provides supervision of pre-school-age children of students and employees and allows education majors to work with young children.

The University Home, built entirely with private donations, was given to the University in 1983 by the USI Foundation.  It is the residence for USI's First Family and a center for hospitality.

USI Public Safety is located near the University Center.

Outdoor athletic and recreation facilities include tennis courts, athletic fields, Screaming Eagles Valley Complex, Broadway Recreational Complex, Bent Twig Outdoor Education Center, Westwood Lodge, Breckinridge Cabin, Grimes Haus, Eicher Barn, and the USI-Burdette Trail.

The USI Foundation is located on Clarke Lane near Schutte Road.

Students in the theatre arts program design and make the wardrobes and set for USI Theatre productions in the Theatre Support Building off of Bluff Lane.

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