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University Advising Council

2008-09 Roster of Advising Council Members

Brian Posler, Chair (Asst. VP Academic Affairs)

Laurie Berry (Residence Life Operations)

Shelly Blunt (Science and Engineering/Assoc. Dean)

Mary Branson (Office of Registrar)

Jennifer Briggs (Office of Registrar)

Michael Broshears (University Division)

David Cousert (Education and Human Services/Social Work)

Nancy Dauby (Admissions)

Julie Evey (Liberal Arts)

Arlene Fortune (Liberal Arts)

Bill Henderson (Business)

Tim Mahoney (Business)

Christy Nolan-Eaves (Business)

Beth Otto (Education and Human Services/Teacher Education)

Eric Otto (Admissions)

Carmen Stoen (Student Development)

Linda Trible (Science and Engineering)

Kristina Walker (Nursing and Health Professions)

Lee Ann Wambach (Extended Services/BGS Program)

Representative from (Instructional Technology)

The University Advising Council is divided into four subcommittees, each charged with specific areas of academic advising.  The subcommittees and their members are as follows:

                    Improving Advising

David Cousert, Chair           Shelly Blunt

Mary Branson                    Julie Evey

Arlene Fortune                  Tim Mahoney

Beth Otto                         Eric Otto

Linda Trible                       Kristina Walker

Lee Ann Wambach               


                    Recognition / Reward

Julie Evey, Chair                Carmen Stoen

Linda Trible                       Kristina Walker


                 Communication / Training

Shelly Blunt, Co-Chair             Lee Ann Wambach, Co-Chair

Laurie Berry                          Mary Branson         

Michael Broshears                  Arlene Fortune

Bill Henderson                       Tim Mahoney

Christy Nolan-Eaves               Linda Trible          



                 Assessment / Evaluation

Brian Posler, Chair                    Michael Broshears

Arlene Fortune                         Bill Henderson

Eric Otto                                Carmen Stoen 

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