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Many incoming freshman are underprepared for the complexities of college reading.  Two general studies courses (GENS) are designed to develop the reading skills and strategies necessary for the demanding reading load of USI’s Core Curriculum:  GENS 099: College Reading Strategies and

GENS 151: Applied Content Reading. 

Even though GENS 099 and GENS 151 are not required, they are highly recommended!  Recent research shows that students who took and passed their reading placement had significantly higher end-of-the-semester GPA’s than similar students who did not take the course.  Placement recommendations are listed for students in Banner.   

Distinctions between the two classes are as follows: 

GENS 099:  College Reading Strategies (3 hours)

          Designed to assist students towards college reading readiness by improving active reading skills, reading comprehension, and vocabulary

          Does not count towards graduation, however does count as three-hours towards full-time status for financial aid purposes

          Enrollment in a reading-intensive class while taking this course is not recommended

 GENS 151:  Applied Content Reading (3 hours)

          Designed to assist students towards making the transition to college-level reading materials by focusing on the reading/study strategies necessary for reading across the disciplines

          Does count towards graduation as three-hours elective credit

          Enrollment in a reading-intensive course (i.e. history, sociology, political science) as a companion for applying the reading strategies is highly recommended

For more information, please contact: the Director of University Division or

Lori Saxby, Study Skills Specialist, Academic Skills 464-1743