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Department/Office: Chair: Contact Number: Department Location:
BIOLOGY Dr. Henri Maurice, Chair 812/461-5231 Science Center, SC1273
CHEMISTRY Dr. Jeff Seyler, Chair 812/464-1923 Science Center, SC2273
ENGINEERING Dr. Zane Mitchell, Chair   812/228-5039 Business and Engineering Center, BEC2017
GEOLOGY & PHYSICS Dr. Kent Scheller, Chair  812/464-1903 Science Center, SC2213
KINESIOLOGY AND SPORT Dr. Glenna Bower, Chair  812/465-1265 PAC Center, 3rd Floor, PAC311
MATHEMATICS Dr. Kathy Rodgers, Chair   812/465-7093 Science Center, SC3273
TEACHER EDUCATION Dr. Paul Parkison, Chair  812/461-5416 Education Center, ED3118
POTT COLLEGE ADVISING AND RESOURCE CENTER Kristy Dedmond, Academic Coordinator 812/228-5054 Education Center, 3rd floor
POTT COLLEGE ADVISING AND RESOURCE CENTER Lisa Wilson, Academic Coordinator 812/461-5336 Mathematics Department, SC3273

All students entering USI for the first time without transfer credit to satisfy the mathematics component of the University Core Curriculum must take the math placement test prior to enrolling in a math course. Students with transfer credit for an intermediate algebra course from another institution will receive elective credits; however, the course will not be posted as Math 100. This policy is intended to help students succeed in mathematics courses at USI.  If a student has successfully completed an introductory course and has achieved mastery of the material, he or she should place into Math 108 or Math 111. If, however, the student has not retained the material, it will be necessary for him/her to take a lower-level course at USI to satisfy the prerequisite for a course such as Math 108 or Math 111. The math placement test is administered through Academic Skills.

MATH 100/MATH101
The following students are required to take Math 100, Intermediate Algebra and Math 101, Intermediate Algebra Supplement:

Only the Department of Mathematics can issue authorizations for overrides into MATH courses.  For questions regarding mathematics courses, mathematics placement, authorizations into restricted courses, or petitions for closed classes, contact Dr. Kathy Rodgers, Chair.


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