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Module 9
Group Tutoring

Even though group tutoring is less common in our center than individual tutoring, some tutors prefer small group situations. Group tutoring is far more challenging; however, it can be very rewarding. The group setting, while manageable by a skilled tutor, is quite limiting in terms of the amount of individual attention that can be provided; this potential problem grows in relation to the size of the group being tutored. Some of the differences are outlined as follows:

Individual tutoring:

Group Tutoring:

As you can see, individual tutoring has many natural benefits, while group tutoring requires a more conscious leadership role on the part of the tutor. The primary advantage of group tutoring (and disadvantage of individual tutoring) is the potential for the sharing of a variety of views and information. Groups also demonstrate cooperative attitudes and work skills in contrast to individual tutoring, which is more self-centered by nature.

The following are some basic group tutoring guidelines that enhance group learning. Remember that these guidelines (and skills) require conscious leadership on the tutor's part.

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