Honor Symposium

The Honor Student Symposium will honor our outstanding students as determined by their teachers and advisors.

The best students from all departments and disciplines will have a chance to participate in an academic “College Bowl” contest, hear the H. Lee Cooper Core Curriculum teaching award winner speak to the students, enjoy a variety of appetizers during a break in the program, and finally they will be presented with certificates and specially designed T-shirts recognizing them as Honor Symposium participants.

To be nominated the student must have accumulated 31 semester hours with a GPA of at least 3.6. A cross disciplinary committee (Business, Education, Health Professions, Liberal Arts, Library, Science and Engineering) will select nominees with the help of the registrar’s office to confirm eligibility.

USI tradition that began in 1984 the Honor Student Symposium is usually held in the spring semester on the USI campus.

For more information email Peter Whiting, Honor Symposium Chair.

The Symposium is made possible by a grant from the University of Southern Indiana Foundation