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Silent Auction

Silent Auction - November 28th - December 5th, 2016

Welcome to the Administrative Assistants and Associates Silent Auction 2016.  This is our fundraiser to provide funding for 3 scholarships for USI students.  (To learn more about our Scholarships please visit our Scholarship page.) 

 Bids will be accepted starting Monday November 28th.  Bidding will be closed at midnight December 5th.  Items must be picked up and paid for on December 7th. 

All items can be viewed in the display case outside of Mitchell Auditorium located in the Health Professions building starting on November 28th.  Quick Bid button located at the bottom of the list.  

Thank you for helping make our Silent Auction scholarship fundraiser a success.  

Bids were last updated 12/5 9:41 pm.  Bids will be updated for all bids from now until midnight tomorrow morning. Bids must have a time stamp prior to midnight to be considered valid.   Multiple high bids will be notified and given a chance to raise bids.  Winners will be notified 

Aakhus print

#1 Aahkus print

Current high bid $175

Houdini sweet tea

#2 Houdini Sweet Tea / lunch for 2 @ Hawg & Sauce 

Current high bid $45


#3  Twin size quilt (top is hand stitched/machine quilted)

Current high bid $45

pool toys

#4  Pool day!  Summer's almost here!

Current high bid $20

colts memorabilia

#5  Colt's game day

Current high bid $20

IU memorabilia

#6 IU game day (table runner is 96' long)

Current high bid $23

Starbuck gift card

#7 Starbucks $10 gift card -- one size fits all

Current high bid $17

Cold Stone gift card

#8 Coldstone $10 gift card - one size fits all

Current high bid $12

Car cleaning supplies

#9  $15 Shine on Express Car Wash - start the year shiny!

Current high bid $17


#10 Pretty maids all in a bow

Current high bid $25

Athletics tickets

#11 - 2 complimentary home event tickets ** 

Current high bid $15

Hair products

#12 Hairs to you.... 

Current high bid $30

Texas Roadhouse gift card

#13 Texas Roadhouse $25 gift card - take the family

Current high bid $33

Red Lobster gift card

#14 Red Lobster $25 gift card -- it's a little fishy...

Current high bid $33

Cold Stone gift card

#15 Coldstone $10 gift card -- these calories don't count

Current high bid 15

Starbucks gift card

#16 Starbucks $10 gift card -- you can get a Venti!

Current high bid $16

Bath towel basket

#17 Be my guest

Current high bid $40

Olive oil set

#18 Season your season

Current high bid $30

Colts Christmas memorabilia

#19 Colt's Christmas (It's an Indiana thing!)

Current high bid $30

IU Christmas memorabilia

#20 IU Christmas (It's a College thing!)

Current high bid $25


#21 Mama's got a brand new bag

Current high bid $25

Humans of New York book

#22 Snuggle up with the Humans of New York

Current high bid $35

Bracelets, pillow and candle

#23 Seasons Sparkle

Current High Bid $15

Indiana mystery bag

#24 Back Home in Indiana - mystery bag..... (don't ask - we won't tell)

Current High Bid  $45

Various books

#25  Indulge yourself take a mini vacation....

Current high bid $14


#26  Baby it's cold outside

Current high bid $25

Starbucks gift card

#27 Starbucks gift card -- keep it for yourself!  

Current high bid $15

Cold Stone gift card

#28 Coldstone gift card -- you know you want ice cream!

Current high bid $15

Outback Steakhouse gift card

#29 Outback Steakhouse gift card $50 - it's always time for a steak!

Current high bid $54

Olive Garden gift card

#30 Olive Garden $25 gift card - It's Italian

Current high bid  $35

USI stuffed bear

#31 USI Class of 2038! 

Current high bid $15


#32 Cleaning up for the holidays!  (Soaps made by Melissa Stacer)

Current high bid $20

 Aerial tour of Evansville coupon

#33 Up Up and Away!

Current high bid $75

Labyrinth earrings

#34 Chartres Labyrinth in front of LA building - earrings by Sara Rhoades

Current high bid $45

Quick -bid

Winners will be notified via email. 

All items must be picked up and paid for on Wednesday, December 7th. We can accept cash and checks.  

We thank our sponsors:  Michael Aakhus, Mitchell Transmissions, Sheree Seib, Lora Weithman, Vaughn DeCoster, Sarah Rhoades, Kat Draughon, Melissa Stacer, and AA & A members. 

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