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Incoming Indiana Freshmen Students
New students are encouraged to apply for admission no later than March 1 prior to their initial fall semester to ensure consideration for all scholarships. Many scholarships also require completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) prior to March 10th each year. Some scholarships require a separate application - they are noted below.

Departmental Scholarship
The primary scholarship offered by the University of Southern Indiana.  To qualify, students residing in Indiana or selected counties in Kentucky must rank in the top 25 percent of their high school class and be enrolled in the Indiana Academic Honors or Kentucky Pre-college Curriculum.  The USI Departmental Scholarship is a guaranteed four-year award with reasonable renewal criteria (3.0 GPA and full time enrollment).  This scholarship ranges in value from $500 per year up to full yearly tuition.  Individual award amounts are based on a student's SAT or ACT scores, overall rank in class, and cumulative grade point average.  A separate application is not required; the USI Undergraduate Application for Admission serves as the application for the Departmental Scholarship.

Students who receive a significant increase in test scores and/or class ranking following receipt of initial award may petition the Director of Admission for increased scholarship funding.  Students who do not initially meet scholarship requirements at the time of application, but achieve the necessary criteria after completion of the eighth semester of high school, may petition the Director of Admission for scholarship consideration.  Petitions must be submitted prior to the beginning of the first semester of the freshman year.

Presidential Scholarship
Indiana students ranked first or second in their senior class may qualify to compete for Presidential Scholarships which cover full tuition and housing; in addition, a yearly stipend for books and board is provided.  Applicants must attend a  state-commissioned high school in Indiana and earn an SAT score of 1200 (without writing component) or 1800 (with writing component), or an ACT composite score of 27.  Qualifying students may receive a USI Presidential Scholarship application with initial acceptance.  The USI Presidential Scholarship application, including related admission materials and most recent high school transcript, must be submitted by January 15th.   

Baccalaureate/Doctor of Medicine Scholarship
Through a competitive interview process, the University of Southern Indiana provides a full tuition scholarship for four years of undergraduate study as well as provisional acceptance into the Indiana University Medical School.  Qualifications include a minimum 3.5/4.0 high school grade point average and an SAT score of 1200 (without writing component) or 1800 (with writing component), or an ACT composite score of 27.  The B/MD application, including related admission materials and most recent high school transcript, must be submitted by January 15.  >>Printable version of the B/MD application.

USI Foundation Scholarships
Students who apply for admission to USI by March 1 of their senior year of high school and complete the FAFSA by March 1 are automatically considered for one of approximately 50 merit-based USI Foundation Scholarships awarded each year. Awards range from $400 to $2,000 per academic year. Scholarship recipients are notified in mid-April.

ROTC Scholarships
Army ROTC at USI offers 2, 3, and 4 year scholarships.  To apply for four-year ROTC scholarships please go to:  Students can choose to apply their scholarship funds to pay for tuition, or to pay for campus housing.  Recipients of Army ROTC scholarships can serve on Active Duty, in the Army Reserve, or in the Army National Guard.  Students wishing to apply should have a current academic CGPA of 2.5 or higher, and they should be prepared to complete the President's Fitness Test prior to awarding of a scholarship.  A physical examination is also required, which is paid for by Army ROTC.  Army ROTC scholarships pay 100% of a student's tuition (up to $17,000 per year) and mandatory fees, as well as reimburse students for the purchase of textbooks (up to $600 annually).  Recipients of Army ROTC scholarships are paid a monthly stipend during the months they are enrolled in classes.  Freshmen receive $250 per month; Sophomores receive $300 per month; Juniors receive $350 per month; Seniors receive $400 per month.  Summer benefits are limited to $5,000 tuition, and $200 for books.  For more information, contact Major Mark South at (812) 461-5304.

Music Performance Scholarship
Music performance scholarships are available for members of Mid-America Singers and Band. Contact the director of Mid-America Singers and Band in the School of Liberal Arts at 812/464-1736 for audition information.

Theatre/Drama Scholarship
 Individuals interested in assisting with the production of theatrical events may contact the director of Theatre in the Communications Department at 812/464-1734 for information concerning theatre/drama scholarships.

Athletic Scholarship
Women's sports include basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, cross country, golf, and tennis. Men's sports include basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, and cross country. Student athletes desiring information on athletic grant-in-aid scholarships may contact the director of Athletics at 812/464-1846.

It is recommended that students attach a list of extra-curricular activities and community service to their USI Admission Application. These scholarships, except as noted, are renewable based upon continued enrollment and maintenance of specific grade point minimums.

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