University of Southern Indiana

International Transfer Students


Credits earned through educational institutions located outside the United States will be considered for acceptance after an appropriate evaluation. Educational institutions must be recognized by the Ministry of Education (or other accrediting body) of the respective country in order for credit to be accepted.

Students may be required to send their documents to an evaluation agency for a course-by-course evaluation report.

One copy of this report should be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar at the University of Southern Indiana.  This report will then be reviewed by USI to determine acceptable transfer credit.

Students who are eligible for admission will be notified of the USI evaluation of transfer credit as soon as it is completed.  For further questions concerning documentation requirements please contact , credentials analyst.

Please note:  a course-by-course evaluation is required for students who are eligible for commencement and/or graduation honors (please see Bulletin for details) and wish to be considered for such honors from the University of Southern Indiana.

Three agencies we recommend, for course evaluation reports, are listed below.  Please check with the Office of the Registrar before using any other evaluation agency.

World Education Services
PO Box 745 Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY 10113-0745
Tel:  212-966-6311
Fax:  212-966-6395

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
PO Box 92970
Milwaukee, WI  53202-0970
Tel:  414-289-3400
Fax:  414-289-3411

Education Evaluators International, Inc
11 S. Angell Street #348
Providence, RI  02906
Tel:  401-521-5340
Fax:  401-437-6474

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