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I.      Duties of Officers and Directors

Section 1.       

The President shall be responsible for overseeing all SAA programs; presiding over SAA Executive Board meetings and general meetings; correspondence with University representatives, alumni and other universities; serve as liaison to USI Alumni Council; periodically attend program/project committee meetings to provide feedback to officers and directors; recruitment of membership and orientation; and coordination of officer selection process.

Section 2.       

The Vice President shall perform all presidential functions in the absence of the President; succeed the President if the presidency should become vacant during the regular term of office; assist the President in membership recruitment and orientation; share in periodically attending SAA program meetings to give feedback; is responsible for tracking membership points and notifying members who are in jeopardy of not earning the required points per semester; and serve as a liaison and mentor to new and prospective members.

Section 3.       

The Treasurer shall oversee the budget and recording of funds, coordinate fund-raising events with the Fund Raising Director; and report the organization’s fund balance to the general membership monthly.

Section 4.       

The Secretary shall keep an updated membership list; take minutes and attendance at general membership meetings and Executive Board meetings; assist President and Vice President with recruitment and orientation.

Section 5.       

The Special Events Director shall coordinate the activities of the Fund-Raising Program.  This group will organize and implement the fund-raising events of SAA.

Section 6.       

The Fund-Raising Director shall coordinate all public relations, publicity, and promotional activities of the organization and coordinate recruitment of membership and orientation.


II.     Executive Board

Section 1.       

All Executive Board members are required to attend general membership meetings, Executive Board meetings and all SAA functions unless absence is approved by the SAA advisors or President.

Section 2.       

In the event an Executive member does not fulfill the duties and obligations of such position, the officer or program chair is subject to review and possible dismissal, by procedures described in Section VII of the by-laws, from the Executive Board as determined by the SAA advisors, President, and Vice President.

III.    Membership

Section 1.       

Active membership in SAA is obtained by earning a minimum of ___ points per semester and maintaining good standing with the University.

IV.    Dues  

Section 1.       

Students will not be required to pay membership dues.

V.     Quorum          

Section 1.       

A quorum for general membership meetings shall be a simple majority of the membership.

VI.    Project Committees

Section 1.       

Committees may be appointed by the President, Executive Board, SAA advisors, or elected by the organization members.

VII.   Dismissal Proceedings of Executive Board

Section 1.       

If an officer or director does not fulfill the duties and obligations of such office, the officer will be subject to review by the SAA advisors, President, and Vice President.

Section 2.       

If negligence of the duties and obligations of office is determined by the SAA advisors, President, and Vice President, impeachment is carried out. 

Section 3.       

Any vacated office shall be filled following the election procedure in Article V, Section 3, of the constitution.       


VIII.  Amendments 

Section 1.       

These by-laws may be amended at any regular general membership meeting with quorum by a two-thirds vote, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous business meeting.

IX.    Parliamentary Guides

Section 1.       

The parliamentary authority of this organization shall be Robert’s Rules of Order Revised and How to Conduct a Meeting by John Q. Tilson.

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