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Bylaw I: Purpose
The purposes of the University Athletics Council (UAC) at the University of Southern Indiana (USI) are to provide oversight for USI intercollegiate athletics, support the development of excellence in USI intercollegiate athletics, and serve as an advisory council to the President.

Functions of the UAC include, but are not limited to:

  • Oversee intercollegiate athletics with particular attention to academic progress and welfare of student-athletes.
  • Monitor trends in Great Lakes Valley Conference (GLVC) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) bylaws/decisions that affect intercollegiate athletics.
  • Provide input into the role of intercollegiate athletics at USI.
  • Develop and deliver an annual data dashboard to convey trends in intercollegiate athletics at USI.


Bylaw II: Membership
The University Athletics Council shall consist of 16 members including the chair, one faculty representative from each of the four colleges, one faculty member appointed by the Faculty Senate, the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR), the Director of Admissions (or appointee), the Registrar (or appointee), the Director of Student Financial Assistance (or appointee), one appointee from Business Affairs, one alumnus/alumna, one USI Varsity Club representative, and two student-athletes, one male and one female. All of these appointees will be voting members. The Chair of the Council will be appointed by the President. There will be five ex officio, non-voting members: the Director of Athletics (AD), the Senior Woman Administrator (SWA), the NCAA Compliance Coordinator, the past Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR), and the Director of Development (or appointee).


Bylaw III: Selection of Members and Terms of Office
The President will appoint a faculty member from each college. The Faculty Senate will appoint a faculty representative. Faculty will serve three-year terms and an appointee may serve two successive terms. A member completing an unexpired term of one year or less is eligible for selection to two successive three-year terms.

The President will appoint two student-athletes, one male and one female. One of the appointed student athletes will be selected to represent fall sports and one student athlete will be selected to represent the spring sports. Each of the student athletes will serve a two- year term. A student-athlete may serve only one two-year term.

The alumni representative, appointed by the President, will serve a three-year term.

The ex officio members of the committee will serve without term limits.


Bylaw IV: Appointment of Officers
The President will appoint the University Athletic Council chairperson. The chairperson will appoint a member of the council to serve as secretary.


Bylaw V: Subcommittees
There will be four standing subcommittees: 1) Academic Progress and Integrity; 2) Governance and Compliance; 3) Student-Athlete Welfare and Equity; and 4) Facility Planning and Fiscal Integrity.

The composition and charges of these committees are as follows:

Academic Progress and Integrity

  • USI Varsity Club Representative
  • Faculty (2)
  • Registrar
  • Current Faculty Athletic Representative


This subcommittee will monitor the academic progress of student-athletes and the academic integrity of the intercollegiate athletics program. The subcommittee will review and evaluate academic progress, attendance, and academic status of student-athletes. Each year, the subcommittee will construct a data dashboard to convey the academic trends of student-athletes (i.e. GPAs, graduation rates, retention, academic awards).

Governance and Compliance

  • Faculty (1)
  • Student Financial Assistance
  • Past Faculty Athletic Representative
  • Admission
  • Registrar
  • Compliance Coordinator


This subcommittee will ensure the mission and goals of intercollegiate athletics support the mission and goals of the University of Southern Indiana, the GLVC, and the NCAA. The subcommittee will review and make recommendations on matters pertaining to institutional, conference, and national policy, procedures, control, and compliance. Each year, the subcommittee will construct a data dashboard to communicate its findings regarding governance and compliance.

Student-Athlete Welfare and Equity

  • Student members (2)
  • Senior Woman Administrator
  • Faculty Members (2)
  • Director of Athletics


This subcommittee will monitor the fair and equitable treatment of student-athletes, protect the physical, educational, and emotional welfare of student-athletes, and monitor the University's commitment to the fundamental values of sportsmanship and ethical conduct. Each year, the subcommittee will construct a data dashboard to convey its findings regarding student-athlete welfare and equity.

Facility Planning and Fiscal Integrity

  • Director of Athletics
  • Faculty (1)
  • Alumnus/Alumna
  • Foundation
  • Business Affairs


This subcommittee will be responsible for developing a shared vision for the University's intercollegiate athletics facilities and programs. The subcommittee will monitor financial practices and fiscal and facility management. Each year, the subcommittee will construct a data dashboard to convey its findings regarding facilities and programs.


Bylaw VI: Meetings
There will be a minimum of four meetings each year. The meetings shall be called by the Chair. The Chair determines regular meeting times and may call special meetings. In addition, special meetings may be convened by the Chair at the request of the President, the Director of Athletics, or five or more members of the University Athletics Council. Written notice of all special meetings must be provided to all University Athletics Council members at least twenty-four hours in advance of the time set for such meetings.


Bylaw VII: Revision of Bylaws
Amendments or revisions to the Bylaws may be made only after the bylaws have been read at a prior meeting of the University Athletics Council, or sent by email to members a minimum of two weeks prior to the meeting. A two-thirds affirmative vote is required for a bylaws revision. An approved bylaws revision will take effect upon approval of the President of the University.


Bylaw VIII: Reporting
The Director of Athletics, with input from the UAC, will be responsible for providing an annual report of the Department of Athletics to the UAC. This report will be presented to the President.

The Council will be responsible for developing and delivering an annual data dashboard to convey academic and athletic trends in intercollegiate athletics at the University of Southern Indiana.

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