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Payment Plan

The University offers a payment plan that allows students or authorized users* to divide tuition, fees, and contracted residence housing in monthly, interest free installments. A $35 enrollment fee is required to enroll in the payment plan each semester. Students or authorized users may schedule payments to be automatically processed each month or setup reminders to pay by the due date each month. A monthly reminder email will be sent to both the student and authorized user with notification of the upcoming payment.  A $25 late payment fee will be assessed for payments received after the due date. Please note the payment plan includes both authorized and memo aid. If the student does not complete all necessary requirements to receive memo aid, your payments may increase later, in which you will be notified. There are no payment plan options for the summer terms.

There are many ways to pay using the payment plan:

  • Setup automatic payments using your checking/savings account (electronic check)
  • Schedule payments using a credit or debit card via PayPath (please note there will be a 2.75% convenience fee will be assessed by the credit card processor)
  • Receive monthly email reminders to pay by the scheduled due date

Spring 2018 Payment Plan: To enroll, you must pay the $35 enrollment fee along with 25% down by December 29. Three equal payments will be processed on:

January 25

February 25

March 25

To enroll in the payment plan, students must log into their MyUSI and click on the TouchNet icon. Authorized users may log in by going to

*A student or an authorized user may only setup one payment plan for a student. If multiple authorized users will be making payments towards a student’s account, the student must initiate the payment plan. For information on how to create more than one authorized user for a payment plan, please contact the Bursar Office at 812-464-1842.

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