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Fraud Hotline

The University is committed to the highest standards of moral, legal, and ethical behavior.  This site was established to provide a venue for USI employees, students, vendors, contractors and friends to report fraudulent acts about which they have knowledge.


  1. If you have not read the Fraud Policy Statement, do so now before submitting a report.
  1. Based on the guidelines and definitions found in the Fraud Policy Statement, you can now determine if a report should be filed. You may file a report of suspected fraud or financial misconduct by one of the following methods:

    1. Report directly to your supervisor or appropriate administrator, either orally or in writing.

    2. Call the Fraud Hotline at (812) 465-1028 and leave a detailed phone mail message.
      • You will receive further instructions when you dial the number.
      • Call more than once if you run out of time or forget to leave some critical information.

    3. File a written report via Fraud Report Form choosing one of the following methods:
      1. Complete the form and submit online.
        • You have the option of identifying yourself in the form or remaining anonymous.
        • Your message will be sent using encryption technology.
        • Your mailbox address remains anonymous to the fraud mailbox recipient.
      2. Download the report form, complete, and send to Director of Internal Audit via campus or U.S. mail.
        • You have the option of identifying yourself in the form or remaining anonymous.

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