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Amy Beard: Economics Graduate

Image is of Amy Beard

Amy Beard admits she learns best the hard way. She originally intended to study chemistry at DePauw. But a conversation with her mother, followed by a quick visit to USI's campus, led her to the USI Pott College of Science. "I really fell in love with the university. I felt a connection to all the professors I met," said Beard.

Her junior year she switched to a triple major of Economics, Spanish, and International Studies, changing her Chemistry major to a minor. She chose economics because it complemented her original major of chemistry. "It is the science of business. I can open up a newspaper and understand that all current events' underlying causes are probably due to economics."

"I changed majors right at the start of the recession. It was fascinating to see what we learned in theory applied to real life. What we did in class was real-time, real-world economics."

During her senior year, Beard worked as a legal intern at Berry Plastics, a multinational company that designs and produces plastic containers. Beard enthusiastically calls the internship one of her greatest experiences. She sat in on legal meetings and drafted legal contracts. "Learning all the legal language and abstract law concepts, then seeing them put to use was really exciting!" She has since been accepted into the Indiana University School of Law.

"The world has become so small. Anything anyone might do may affect someone all the way on the other side of the world. I imagine I might do something that might have something to do with global issues, civil rights, public policy, or politics for another country." Whatever her future might hold, Beard calls going to USI one of the best decisions of her life. "I feel well prepared for whatever life may hand me." She may have taken a circuitous route at USI, but she is glad she did.

Story by Barbara Goodwin
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