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Global Business and Finance Review

Editorial Staff


  • Jong C. Rhim
    University of Southern Indiana, USA
  • Jeong-Gil Choi
    President, People and Global Business Association (P&GBA)
    Kyung Hee University, Korea

Managing Editor

  • Peter Cashel-Cordo
    University of Southern Indiana, USA

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Topsporn  Chotigeat
    Past Editor
    Nicholls State University, USA
  • David J. Kim
    Past Editor
    Indiana State University, USA
  • Sang-Hoon Kim
    Past Editor
    Montclair State University, USA
  • Francis A. Kwansa
    University of Delaware, USA
  • Antonio Z. Sanvicente
    Ibmec São Paulo, Brazil
  • Keuk Je Sung
    Pan-Pacific International Studies
    Kyung Hee University, Korea

Editorial Review Board

  • Raj Aggarwal
    University of Akron, USA
  • James C. Baker
    Kent State University, USA
  • Jean Canil
    University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Kevin Celuch
    Blair Chair of Business Science
    University of Southern Indiana, USA
  • Daniel Friesner
    North Dakota State University, USA
  • John A. Haslem
    University of Maryland, USA
  • Jane Johansen
    University of Southern Indiana, USA
  • Jangwoo Lee
    Pusan National University, Korea
  • Teit Lüthje
    University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
  • Jeff Madura
    Sun Bank Professor of Finance
    Florida Atlantic University, USA
  • Byung S. Min
    Director of International Business Program
    Griffith University, Australia
  • Shigeru Nishiyama
    Kyushu International University, Japan
  • I.M. Pandey
    Indian Institute of Management, India
  • David A. Ricks
    Distinguished  Professor
    Management/International Business
    University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA
  • Vern Terpstra
    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, USA
  • James C. Van Horne
    A.P. Giannini Professor of Finance
    Stanford University, USA
  • Michael R. Williams
    Governors State University, USA