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A Distinctive Identity

The University of Southern Indiana distinguishes itself from other institutions in the region by providing a unique educational climate that adds value to the region’s educational options. As indicated in the table below, USI tends to align with the small, liberal arts college in terms of institutional emphasis and graduate education dimensions. However, USI is more closely aligned with large universities in terms of its selectivity and comprehensiveness. Thus, the present positioning of USI which includes “the best of both worlds” - a smaller, liberal arts college experience combined with larger university options and activities - provides a strategic foundation from which to build. Strategic planning for the Romain College of Business will seek to further refine and develop the unique niche that the University presently holds.

Characteristic Small, Liberal Arts College Large State University USI Romain College of Business
Institutional Emphasis Undergrad./ Liberal Arts/ Gen. Ed. Grad./Research Specialization Closer alignment with Sm. Lib. Arts College
Campus Environment Strong Student Support Services Prolific Out-of-Class Activities Alignment Straddles Both
Graduate Education Limited # of Grad. Programs Doctoral Programs Closer alignment with Sm. Lib. Arts College
Enrollment/ Selectivity Controlled/ Selective Less Selective/ Dependent on Program Closer alignment with Large St. University
Comprehensiveness Limited Range of Programs/ Courses Broad Range of Programs/ Courses Closer alignment with Large St. University
Student-Faculty Ratio Low High Alignment Straddles Both
Funding Endowments State Support/ External Grants Alignment Straddles  Both weighted toward State support