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Guiding Principles

Consistent with our vision and mission statements, the Romain College of Business is committed to offering a quality business education designed to provide student-centered learning, knowledge and lifelong learning, creativity and innovation, and engagement.

  1. Student-Centered Learning
    1. Provide students with personalized attention inside and outside of the classroom.
    2. Build a cohesive learning community among students, faculty, alumni, and area businesses.
    3. Develop a learning environment that values diversity.
  2. Knowledge and Lifelong Learning
    1. Provide a curriculum that reflects current and relevant knowledge and practices in business.
    2. Sustain a dynamic curriculum with ongoing revisions to support learning and scholarship.
    3. Develop competencies that enhance life-long learning.
    4. Encourage the professional development of members of the community.
  3. Creativity and Innovation
    1. Foster an environment that values creativity and innovation.
    2. Foster an entrepreneurial mindset through calculated risk-taking.
    3. Provide a curriculum that incorporates and utilizes current business technology.
  4. Engagement
    1. Ensure an interactive/experiential learning experience.
    2. Be responsive to the needs of our communities.
    3. Support entrepreneurial spirit and initiatives in the business community.
    4. Nurture an environment that values social responsibility and integrity.