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Use of University capital property ($5,000 or greater) away from campus or an officially designated work location by an employee must be approved by the college dean or department’s financial manager. This off campus use and approval thereof must be in writing or maintained electronically, and the document must remain on file with the approving authority until the property is returned in satisfactory condition.

This documentation must be available for review during an audit, and is to be reviewed for renewal at least annually by the approving authority.  The Microsoft Outlook form titled “Equipment Off-Campus Transfer Request” is required for this purpose.  The form is located in Microsoft Outlook by going to Tools, Forms, Choose Form, and then selecting the Equipment Off-Campus Transfer Request form. 

The user will be required to send an update of the status of use per 6 month period.  This will help identify if the equipment should be returned to campus.

The employee using property away from campus or an officially designated work location agrees to the following provisions, regardless whether the document they sign specifies the provisions or not:

1.  The property is to be used for University purposes only and not for the employee's own or another's personal gain,

2.  Such use shall not impair existing programs of the University,

3.  The property will be returned in satisfactory condition, and the user assumes all liability for repair and/or replacement costs of any property not so returned (liability to be determined by the department),

4.  In the event of an extended absence, the user shall make arrangements for the return of the property,

5.  The University may recall the property immediately, with the expressed knowledge of the approving authority.

6.   Once the equipment is returned to an on-campus location, the same Equipment Off-Campus Transfer Request form should be submitted with the new location, etc.

7.  Upon notification of resignation, retirement, or termination from the University, the employee agrees to return the equipment immediately. 

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