Office of Overseas Study GUIDELINES FOR DIRECTOR REPORTS Within one month of the close of the program, the director should submit a summary report to the Office of Overseas Study that addresses at least the following: * Name, dates and location of the program * Number of participants and an overall description of the group as a whole (most common major, class standing, distribution by campus, etc.) * Pre-departure orientation and preparation of students * Academic program: description of courses offered (content, level, credits, teaching methods, etc.); distinctive features, strengths, and weaknesses of the academic program; recommended changes; impact and influence of the overseas setting on the academic experience * Summary of grade distribution * Description of student housing and meal arrangements * Issues concerning student health and safety: explain incidents that occurred or concerns that you or others might have * Overall recommendations for the program in the future * When the program would take place again * Reflection on any issues or concerns that were raised by the Overseas Study Advisory Council during the program approval process Attach copies of the following: 1. Program schedule indicating daily routine and calendar of whole program 2. Course syllabuses 3. Handbooks or handouts distributed to students prior to departure 4. Student evaluation forms (Overseas Study has a standard form you may use.) Note: Reports should be sent electronically (as attached files) whenever possible. Contact: Susan A. Carty, Associate Director Office of Overseas Study Franklin Hall 303, Indiana University Bloomington, IN 47405 phone: (812) 855-9305 fax: (812) 855-6452