GUIDELINES FOR INFORMATIONAL MATERIALS FOR OVERSEAS STUDY PROGRAMS Precise information on each of the following items should be included in materials made available to prospective students. While it may be more convenient or appropriate to provide some of these details in secondary locations B on web sites or on supplemental handouts B the majority of this information should be included in recruiting materials, so that students are appropriately informed about the program and all pertinent details relating to participation. Information should be as clear and complete as possible. 1. IU program manager(s)/sponsor(s) individual(s), department(s), school(s), campus(es), etc. 2. IU program manager(s)/sponsor(s) individual(s), department(s), school(s), campus(es), etc. 3. Program description academic component, theme or conceptual focus, learning objectives 4. Program location (s) a. city or cities b. institutional affiliation(s), if any 5. Program dates specific arrival and departure dates 6. Program size/composition a. estimated # participants b. participant profile (campus, major/minor, grad/undergrad status, etc.) 7. Credit earning options/requirements specific course numbers and indication of minimum/maximum credit hour registration requirements 8. Housing provisions/options description of housing placements and circumstances 9. Eligibility requirements/restrictions a. minimum GPA, prerequisites, class standing, language level, etc. b. selection process 10. Costs for program and estimate of additional costs a. program fee (and indication of what is and is NOT included in the fee) b. estimate of additional expenses (health insurance, airfare, supplemental living expenses required, etc.) 11. Financial assistance a. availability of program scholarships b. program/ student eligibility for institutional and federal financial assistance 12. Deadlines a. application deadline b. payment deadline(s) 13. Policies program cancellation policy and fee refund policy 9/2002