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The President of the University of Southern Indiana has authorized the Overseas Study Advisory Council to approve or disapprove all proposals for any type of study abroad program organized for USI students, whether or not for credit. The major criteria applied in evaluating proposals for new programs are academic quality, cultural enrichment, student costs, impact on existing programs, administrative efficiency, financial solvency, and student health and safety. Proposals are usually prepared by one or more faculty members with assistance from the Office of Overseas Study, the campus international programs office, and their home department(s).

The Approval Process <#approv>
Deadlines for Submission <#deadline>
Preparing the Proposal <#prep>
After the Program is Approved <#after>
Continuing Program Authorization <#cont>
Proposal Outline <#outline>

The Approval Process

Draft proposals for new programs are first submitted to the Office of Overseas Study for a preliminary review by an experienced staff, who can answer questions about program organization, budgets, credits and university regulations. They can help identify problems or ambiguities so that the proposal is clear and complete.

USI international programs offices also provide assistance for their campuses and require approval of proposal drafts.

Proposals for new programs will be reviewed by the Overseas Study Advisory Council (OSAC), or a subcommittee thereof. The faculty sponsor may be asked to meet with the members of the Council to discuss the proposal. Programs can only be approved for one occurrence, with the proviso that the sponsor must submit a written report and evaluations from student participants to OSAC at its next meeting before continuing program approval is granted.

Deadlines for Submission of Proposals

Draft proposals may be submitted to the Office of Overseas Study at any time. They should be submitted in electronic format (as attached files to e-mail or on disk or CD). Estimated time for completion of the review and approval process is a minimum of 30 days.

Preparing the Proposal

Completed proposals must include a clear description, following the guidelines outlined below <#outline>; and two letters, sent under separate cover, to the USI Director of Overseas Study: one from the chairperson or division head, and one from the Dean or Chancellor of the sponsoring faculty member. These letters should confirm that the proposed program has been approved by the faculty memberís academic unit, and by the relevant college, school or campus; and that the proposal is considered a valuable academic program which will enhance their course offerings. It should confirm the departmentís financial contribution to the program, if any. The home department/school is responsible for providing any salaries for faculty
directors/instructors, but reasonable travel and maintenance expenses for accompanying faculty may be included in the budget based on student fees.

After the Program is Approved

Once OSAC approves the program for its first occurrence, the resident director or coordinator should contact Overseas Study to obtain USI student Agreement and Release Forms and for access to appropriate student insurance while abroad.

Continuing Program Authorization

After each program occurrence, the program sponsor must submit a written
report (see Guidelines for Resident Director Reports <>) and evaluations from 
all student participants to Overseas Study so that continuing program approval can be considered.

Sponsors of new programs should provide as much of the following information as possible, but not every question will apply to every proposal so respond only to those which are applicable. Consult the Office of Overseas Study for assistance and guidance.

Proposal Outline

A. Basic Description of the Program

1. Briefly describe the proposed program and its location
2. At what academic institution abroad will the program take place,
if any?
3. Sponsoring academic units at Indiana University
4. Co-sponsoring U.S. institutions or organizations, if any
5. Dates of the program and frequency of repetition
6. Estimated number of participants 

B. Rationale

1. What is the rationale for conducting this program overseas?
2. Is there any conflict or overlap with existing USI programs overseas?
3. What evidence is there of USI student demand/need for this program? 

C. Eligibility

1. Academic requirements (GPA, prerequisites, class standing,
language level)
2. Open to students from all USI scholars and/or campuses? Students
outside USI? 

D. Pre-departure Orientation, On-site orientation: Describe.

E. Academic Program Abroad

1. Briefly describe the overall instructional program
2. How many credits will each participant be required to take?
3. Indicate whether students will be enrolled in:
a. Courses taught by an accompanying U.S. faculty member
i)Courses that will taught and the USI equivalent course number for each
ii) CV or qualifications b. Regular host university courses:
Description of university, range of courses offered, and
illustrative course descriptions c. Special courses for
international students taught by host country faculty
i) Courses that will be taught and the USI equivalent course number for each
ii) CVís or qualifications of instructors
4. If non-credit, describe the programís purpose and activities.
5. Which major, distribution or other requirements can be satisfied on the program?
6. Instructional schedule and classroom contact hours
7. Describe classroom or other teaching facilities on site
8. Who will determine studentsí grades and on what basis? 

F. Support services abroad

1. Will there be a U.S. faculty resident director on site?
2. If not, describe the office or individual overseas who will address studentsí logistical, academic, personal, medical, and emergency concerns.

G. Supplementary Activities
Describe excursions or group activities that complement the academic program

H. Room and Board
Describe student housing accommodations and meal arrangements

I. Student Budget

1. What fee will USI charge for this program?
2. What costs will the USI fee include? (fees to host institution, room & board, health insurance, excursions, books and other materials)
3. If not included in the USI fee, what are estimated costs for room and board, personal expenses and international airfare?

J. Program Budget
Contact the Office of Overseas Study for assistance in preparing a realistic budget projection. You will need to consider costs for the following:

o Salaries for instructional staff (USI faculty salary usually paid by his/her academic department)
o U.S. staff travel to program site
o U.S. staff displacement allowance
o Tuition & fees to host institution abroad
o Fees for use of instructional space
o Administrative costs (publicity, office expenses)
o Group excursions (bus rental, hotels, guides, admission fees, etc.)
o Student housing (if paid through program fee)
o Student meals (if included in program fee)

K. Program Administration If this program will not be administered through USIís systemwide Office of Overseas Study, describe the procedure for registering students, collecting fees, paying program costs abroad, acquiring student health insurance, signing of Agreement and Release Forms, etc.

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