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Transportation & Parking Fee

Starting with the Fall 2002 term, the University of Southern Indiana has changed the structure of the parking permit fee. This fee structure change was reviewed and recommended by the Student Government Association. The new fee is called the transportation and parking fee.

This fee is now mandatory for all students with the exception of students who are taking only distance education or off campus courses. In 2001, when the fee was optional, over 97% of our on campus students paid the parking permit fee. Therefore, changing this fee to a mandatory fee affects only a small percentage of the student population who had opted for an exemption in the past.

The benefits of the transportation and parking fee will be realized by all students on campus. The fee will fund not only parking lot improvement projects, but will help fund the campus shuttle bus operation and pedestrian projects such as the shortcut trail through the woods along Clarke Lane.

This fee change also allows the University to simplify parking procedures and enforcement for students, parents and visitors. We have eliminated the parking hang tags or decals for our students. Therefore, students will no longer be issued parking tickets for forgetting to display their hang tag. These new policies will also allow us to be more friendly to parents and other visitors because campus guests will now be allowed to park on any campus lot (other than the pay lot) without being issued a parking ticket for a missing hang tag. For more information on parking regulations, please visit

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