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The University of Southern Indiana seeks to manage the use of its logo and images (which are trademarked) and to benefit financially from the marketing of that image. To that end, a licensing program has been developed which establishes a framework for consistently applying the license policy to activities associated with the licensing of the University name and emblem.

A. Vendor Approval Process
All manufacturers of clothing and promotional items which use the logo, the image, or the words University of Southern Indiana or Southern Indiana are expected to comply with the policy (Southern Indiana alone is not approved). Upon receipt of a vendor's application and $75 application fee (payable to the USI Campus Store), the Campus Store Manager or their designee will review the application and respond to the vendor.

Vendors will be required to submit quarterly production reports and royalty payments of 8 percent to the University. Vendors will submit drawings of proposed licensed materials for approval prior to production.

B. Exceptions
Exceptions to the fee are made for University uniforms for employees and athletic teams. This would include practice uniforms and other outfits required for travel or sport participation.

Additionally, University letterhead, envelopes, and invitations used by University departments are not subject to licensing.

C. Operational Responsibility
The Campus Store Manager or their designee is charged with operational responsibility of the licensing program, including processing of license applications, identification of license infringement, communication to licensed and non-licensed vendors and coordination of internal reporting.

Internally, all purchases of named or emblematic material must be approved and purchased from licensed vendors. University purchasing standards will apply to such purchases.

Vendors wishing to use named and emblematic material must use the camera-ready art available in the Campus Store Office. Any modification of logo or type style on the logo would be rare and must be approved in advance by the vice president for Advancement.

D. Rebate Program
University departments which use licensed materials directly benefiting the University may request, from the Director of the Business Office, a rebate of the licensing fees. Items which are purchased for resale or other commercial benefit are not eligible for the rebate, nor are any items purchased by student organizations, student clubs, or University-related support groups. Departments which share in the licensing revenue distribution (currently the athletics departments and student affairs programs) also are not eligible for the rebate program.

E. Questions
Questions regarding application of the policy are to be directed to the Campus Store Manager

Licensing forms for those who have completed the application:

Potential Licensee Memo (Microsoft Word)
Schedule A (Microsoft Word)
Exhibits B and C (Microsoft Word)
Instructions (Microsoft Word)
Insurance Notice (pdf)
Contract (pdf)

(best when printed on legal size paper)

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