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Job Resource Center

Employer and student

Career Services and Interships' Job Resource Center offers valuable resources for USI students and alumni seeking and preparing to search for full- and part-time jobs, internships and co-ops.

Available Resources

  • Professional Job Assistance
    Workshops, classes and professional strategies to prepare you for a successful job search

  • Careers and Salaries
    Links to valuable websites offering career guidance and the latest salary information for your chosen field

  • Job Search Information
    A comprehensive timeline to help you make the most of Career Services as well as an exhaustive list of job search websites

  • Sample Resumes
    Sample resumes from many different majors or make an appointment with a Career Services Coordinator for assistance

  • Interview Preparation
    Sample reference and cover letters as well as invaluable interview tips and resources

  • Teacher Candidate Resources
    Tap into Career Services' vast resources for teacher candidates

  • Job Search Publications
    Career Services has a large library of resources that are available for research. These books are available to all students and alumni to use but can not be removed from the office.

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