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Placement Files & Recommendation Letters

  1. To add a new education placement file, students/alumni need to register with the Career Services and Placement Office. 
  2. A completed file contains 3-5 letters of recommendation.  Career Services will NOT distribute incomplete placement files.
  3. Once complete there is no charge (up to 20 sent files) to students/alumni when their placement file is sent to school corporations.  Additional copies will cost $3 per set.
  4. Students should only request the distribution of their placement file when school corporations directly request the student to do so.  If an application simply asks for "references" and does not provide space for written response, a "REFERENCE SHEET" which list the names of your references and contact information (sample .pdf) should be sent (NOT your placement file.)
  5. Placement files will be kept for seven years, from the date that you graduate, (e.g.  If you graduate in Fall 2002 - Spring 2003, your file will be kept until 2010) unless otherwise notified by the CSP Office.

Recommendation Letters

  1. When asking for a recommendation, supplying the reference with a copy of your resume and a stamped envelope addressed to CSP Office is recommended.
  2. Recommendation letters must be received on reference letterhead and properly filled out.  If reference is using letterhead, be sure to have them include their contact information (phone, e-mail, and address) and signature
  3. Career Services should receive recommendation letters from the party who wrote the recommendation.  Letters will not be accepted by the teaching candidate
  4. Files are open, which means that, students can obtain a copy of their recommendation letters.  Students, however, must copy the letter themselves.  The student is required to leave a personal item (keys/ID), go directly to copier & return letter(s) immediately to CSP Office.
  5. Students are responsible for Checking on the Status of their letters.  Students can ask via e-mail, stopping by the office, or calling.  Make sure you provide your student identification number.

Policies are subject to change.  If there are any questions please call Career Services and Placement at 812-464-1865.

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