University of Southern Indiana

Advisory Board

Representatives by College


  • Abbas Foroughi
    Dr. Abbas Foroughi
    Professor of Computer Information Systems
    Chair of Management and Information Sciences Department
    Business and Engineering Center 2069
    Phone: 812-465-1667

Liberal Arts

  • Michael Aakhus
    Mr. Michael Aakhus
    Professor of Art
    Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
    Liberal Arts Center 3003
    Phone: 812-464-1853

Nursing & Health Professions

  • Francis (Frank) Ward, Jr.
    Dr. Francis (Frank) Ward, Jr.
    Chair of Health Services
    Assistant Professor of Health Services
    Health Professions Center 2057
    Phone: 812-465-1233

Science & Engineering

  • Edward Rehkopf
    Dr. Edward Rehkopf
    Associate Professor of Mathematics
    Associate Chair of Mathematics Department
    Science Center 3267
    Phone: 812-461-5439


Representatives by Role or Area


  • Ellen Topper
    Mrs. Ellen Topper
    Instructor in Humanities and International Studies
    Robert D. Orr Center 3014
    Phone: 812-228-5131

Adjunct Faculty

  • Brian Atra
    Dr. Brian Atra
    Adjunct - Liberal Arts
    Liberal Arts Center 3001
    Phone: 812-461-5219

 Information Technology

  • Megan Linos
    Ms. Megan Linos
    Assistant Provost for Distance Learning
    Adjunct - Science, Engineering, and Education
    Forum Wing, Administration Building 030
    Phone: 812-465-1061


  • Joanne Artz
    Ms. Joanne Artz
    Assistant Director of Library Services
    Head of User Services
    David L. Rice Library 1021
    Phone: 812-465-1056

University Division

  • Darrin Sorrells
    Dr. Darrin Sorrells
    Learning Assistance Specialist
    Adjunct - Liberal Arts
    Education Center 1111A
    Phone: 812-465-7156

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