University of Southern Indiana

FACT Program

Formative Assessment of Classroom Teaching


Goal: Assist faculty members with their own reflective teaching by providing anonymous mid-semester feedback from their students.

Consultants: Trained by having a FACT, observing a FACT, and conducting a FACT under observation. Consultants meet at the beginning and end of each academic year.

Timing: FACTs are conducted mid-semester, after students have received at least one grade but with enough of the semester left for potential changes.

Process: After a FACT is requested, CETL assigns a trained consultant from a different college to visit one of the faculty member’s classes, usually during the last 20 minutes.

The faculty member leaves; the consultant asks the students to work in groups of 6-8 to consider how well they are learning in the class. The consultant and the students discuss the responses and help one another better understand the learning proc


Please choose a mid-semester date.
Please choose a mid-semester date.





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