University of Southern Indiana

Faculty Teaching Academy

Fellow Certificate Program

Who:  All teaching faculty are eligible and encouraged to participate in and complete the FTA program, including full-time faculty, tenure-track faculty, tenured faculty, adjunct faculty

When: Certificate requirements can be completed in one to three years. Workshop participation counts retroactively from Fall 2012 to present

Why: Offer a structured professional development plan to USI faculty

Create a greater sense of community among USI faculty

Provide foundational knowledge about teaching and learning; opportunities to discuss and reflect on teaching with colleagues in a stimulating, safe environment; provide formative feedback on teaching practices; encourage critical self-reflection on teaching practices

Recognize faculty who complete the program for their efforts to improve and develop as teachers

Where: The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, USI’s faculty development center

How: This is a voluntary program. 

If you are interested in pursuing the FTA Fellows Certificate, send an email to Chris Garrett ().

Funding comes from the Center for Excellence and Teaching, which receives financial support from the Office of the Provost and partnering organizations.

What: See below for a description of the FTA Fellow Certificate requirements.

Those who complete the FTA Fellow program will receive a certificate and a plaque.



  • Promote critical reflection on teaching practices and the assessment of student learning outcomes.   
  • Emphasize high-impact educational practices
  • Encourage teachers to create significant learning experiences in student-centered learning environments. 


Faculty Teaching Academy Fellow Certificate

**To earn the FTA Fellow Certificate a USI faculty member will complete the following requirements:


I. Workshops        

Attend a total of at least five (5) CETL-sponsored workshops in these categories:

A. FOUNDATIONS FOR TEACHING (at least 3 in this category)

Topics may include (but not limited to) the following:

-Course Design; Assessment; Learning Theory: How Learning Works;

Active Learning & Student Engagement; The New Millenial Student;

Advising Students; Classroom Management and Student Civility


B. TECHNOLOGY (at least 1 in this category)

Topics may include (but not limited to) the following:

     -Teaching with Technology; Online Teaching


C. THE SCHOLARSHIP OF TEACHING & LEARNING (SoTL) (at least 1 in this category)

Topics may include (but not limited to) the following:

-Introduction to SoTL


II. Faculty Learning Community

-Active participation in a faculty learning community for one year (min. 75% attendance).


III. Formative Feedback on Teaching

-2 Formative Teaching Consultations (from two reviewers; excludes summative reviews)

-1 FACT (Formative Assessment of Classroom Teaching)


IV. Teaching Narrative

-Write a teaching narrative (philosophy of teaching statement; statement on your teaching methods, and assessment practices)

-Submit a copy of your teaching narrative to the CETL for review


V.  A Brief Reflective Essay

-How has your involvement in FTA influenced your teaching? What changes have you made? How has student engagement been enhanced and student learning improved because of what you’ve learned and implemented?

-Submit a copy of this reflective essay to the CETL for review


Contact Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
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