University of Southern Indiana

Faculty Writing Groups


  • Provide support for busy faculty members who want to be productive scholars


  • Share your writing goals with colleagues
  • Hold each other accountable toward meeting goals
  • Meet new colleagues from across the campus
  • Opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration

Faculty Writings Groups can help you meet your writing goals

  • Dedicate and schedule time for your writing
  • Receive feedback on your writing from readers
  • Begin or complete a current writing project
  • Revise and resubmit a writing project

Faculty Writing Groups typically utilize one or more of these approaches

  • Individuals write daily for 15-30 mins. (5 days/week), then meet weekly with your FWG to share a few pages you’ve written
  • Meet regularly at a designated time and space with your FWG colleagues to write
  • Meet regularly with your FWG colleagues to circulate manuscripts and share feedback on those manuscripts

Faculty Writing Group Application

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