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War Letters: American Experience

This collection of personal correspondence brings to life the deepest, most human side of war, from the American Revolution to the Gulf War. Based on Andrew Carroll's bestseller, "War Letters: Extraordinary Correspondence from American Wars", this film transcends the subject of war by exploring the love, passion, pain, horror, and hope of the men and women who fought and those who waited at home. (60 minutes) Airs 2/2/12 at 9pm and 3/29/12 at 9pm on 9.1 WNIN PBS.

Unforgettable: The Korean War

Korean War veterans recount their memories of America in the late 1940s and early 1950s, when young men from all over the country were being shipped off to defend South Korea against the advancing Red Army in the north. The Korean War killed tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers and affected many more lives at home. (60 minutes) Airs 2/9/12 at 9pm on 9.1 WNIN PBS.

Home From The War: The Voices of Vietnam

This program chronicles the history of the Vietnam Veteran – the men and women who fought a brutal, unpopular war, fulfilling their duty to a country that treated them with disdain and indifference. Veterans speak candidly about Vietnam, coming home and their children who are currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The film features segments on PTSD, The Wall, the Veterans Administration, Rolling Thunder, Gold Star Mothers, and Vietnam Veterans of every background, race, creed, and social standing. (60 minutes) Airs 2/16/12 at 9pm on 9.1 WNIN PBS.

Vietnam War Stories

Three million Americans served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. Most veterans are reluctant to speak of war experiences, but Vietnam veterans have been even more reluctant because of the controversy surrounding their war and the often hostile reception on their return. This program shares these personal memories of service and sacrifice, and gives us insight into the experience of war. (60 minutes) Airs 1/26/12 at 9pm and 2/23/12 at 9pm on 9.1 WNIN PBS.

Answering The Call: WWII and the Tri-State

Meet the Tri-States' men and women who served in WWII as they tell their personal stories and share their experiences of war. These heart-felt testimonials will shed new insight into World War II and provide a light into the minds and souls of our nation's veterans. (30 minutes) Airs 3/22/12 at 9pm on 9.1 WNIN PBS.

Long Road Home

Exploring the impact of wartime Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), LONG ROAD HOME offers compelling stories of Pittsburgh-area military veterans of Vietnam, Korea and World War II still coming to terms with the emotional wounds of war. The film explores successful therapies and documents the promising research underway at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where doctors study the sleep and brain patterns of PTSD sufferers and examine the reasons why women are twice as likely as men to develop the disorder. (60 minutes) Airs 4/12/12 at 9pm on 9.1 WNIN PBS.

Willard Library

Military Vehicles on Display
March 17, 2012, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Visit Willard Library Park to see Vietnam and WWII era military vehicles, big and small on display.

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