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Welcome to the University of Southern Indiana's Intellectual Property and Copyright Committee information site. This site documents the activities of the committee since its appointment in June, 2002 by USI President H. Ray Hoops.

Important new issues face the University of Southern Indiana and other universities as higher education changes in the age of electronically available information. The creation of the Internet and of new means for distributing educational content have led to new opportunities for faculty members and universities to deliver education. These new opportunities also create potential conflicts between personal initiatives of a faculty members and their responsibilities to the University. These issue differ from many of those we have worked with in the past because they involve creating intellectual property developed around educational content, as well as from research.

It is important for our faculty to think about the impact of electronically available information, about the mission of the university, and our core values and to establish the set of principles that will help guide faculty governance and leadership in this rapidly changing arena.

H. Ray Hoops, President

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