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I have never taught online in the past. What kind of faculty training support is available?

The Department of Distance Learning offers a Distance Learning Course Development Program for faculty who either need to develop a new Distance Learning course or desire to improve their existing Distance Learning Courses. We also provide walk-in and mobile support station to address faculty’s course development/technical needs. Faculty can also borrow a piece of technology (e.g. iPad, webcam, headset, etc.) or use the computers (e.g. Camtasia software) in the Faculty Innovation Studio (FA 46). A group of Student Technology Consultants will assist you with your course development needs. For more details, please contact the Department of Distance Learning at (812) 228-5124 or  

I am an experienced online teaching faculty member. Can I waive the process?

No. All proposed Distance Learning courses will need to be approved by the Department of Distance Learning despite the experience level of the instructor.  The approval process has been the policy at USI since 1998 to ensure quality distance learning course development and delivery, and it is important to continue the policy with a simplified process that better aligns with faculty’s course development needs and their online teaching experience.

How do I submit the course development proposal and the existing syllabus?

Please submit both documents via email to Call 812/228-5124 or stop by the Department of Distance Learning in FA 45 if you have any further questions.

Can my course be listed on Banner/myUSI before it is fully developed?

Yes, your “future” distance learning course can be listed on Banner after you have agreed with a course development timeline in the initial meeting.  If your course is not fully developed by the agreed date or before the semester begins, it will NOT be cancelled for that term. However, this course/faculty will be on probation and will not be able to be offerred again as a Distance Learning course until the requirements are fulfilled completely.

What should I do if I (my course) am on probation?

No worries!! Each proposed course has one semester grace period to be delivered as an unapproved Distance Learning course if faculty was unable to complete the requirements by the deadline.  However, the course instructor is REQUIRED to go through the process again before it can be listed as a Distance Learning course the second time. As long as the instructor fulfills the requirements before the registration period of the next semester, your course can be listed again as a Distance Learning course.

For example: Dr. Joe Smith is listed as the ENG101.NO1 course instructor for spring 2014, but is unable to fulfill the course requirements by the agreed date before spring 2014 begins.  Joe will be able to still teach this class as a Distance Learning course in spring 2014, but he will need to go through the process again to fulfill the requirements before the registration period of Summer/Fall 2014. Once the requirements are fully completed, the ENG101.NO1 course can be listed in a future term (e.g. Fall 2014 and beyond).

Who do I contact if I have further questions about this process?

If you have any questions or comments about this revised Distance Learning Course Development process, please contact the Department of Distance Learning at 812/228-5124 or send an email to Thank you.

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