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Student Readiness Assessment

Students enrolled in an online program or course tend to have different needs, expectations, priorities, and readiness levels than the traditional campus students. Studies have shown these factors usually demonstrate significant correlations to learning outcomes, but students tend to underestimate their readiness level, which often leads to multiple learning challenges that hinder their online learning success.

The Department of Distance Learning is eager to determine USI students' readiness level for their online study and we devote every effort to provide needed online student support services to facilitate student's online learning success.

A task force team of USI faculty, advisors, department deans, IT liaisons, and Distance Learning staff has formed to research and develop solutions to evaluate online students’ readiness level.  As a result, the SmarterMeasure system is identified as the assessment tool after three successful pilots have conducted in spring/summer 2013.

How can my student participate?

All USI students can access this assessment by entering Blackboard and selecting the "FREE Distance Learning Student Readiness Assessment" under "My Courses". It takes about 20-30 minutes to complete the online evaluation.

Is there any correlation between student's readiness level and the learning outcome?

Contact the Director of University Core Curriculum Assessment, Dr. Dane Partridge, at to learn more about the related data analysis findings.

How can I access my students' assessment result?

Contact the Department of Distance Learning at or call 812-228-5124 to request a copy of your students' assessment result.

How can I advise students to be better prepared for their online learning success after the assessment?

A learning plan based on individual's assessment result will be provided to students after the assessment is completed. Faculty can also recommend a one credit elective course "GENS 199: Surviving and Thriving for Distance Learning" for students who need extra support and assistance to prepare for their online learning success.


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