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Indiana College Network "How-To" Guide

What is the Indiana College Network (ICN)?
The Indiana College Network is a collaborative effort by Indiana colleges and universities that make up the Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education.  Each semester, USI joins the other partner institutions to create the Indiana College Network Database of Courses available online. Because USI is a member of this partnership, USI students are able to take Distance Learning courses at other partner institutions.  Visit the ICN website to locate Distance Learning courses and programs across Indiana . 

If you have already looked through USI's listing of Distance Learning courses and cannot find what you need, then courses offered via the Indiana College Network (ICN) might be beneficial to you.

What types of courses are listed in the ICN database?
There are two types of courses listed in the ICN database: 1) Semester-bound courses, which have a specific beginning and end date, and 2) Open enrollment courses, which are open for enrollment at any time. However, USI does not process open enrollment courses. They must have specific beginning and ending dates.

What types of courses are right for me?
You may take either a semester-bound course or an open enrollment course. However, if you wish to take an open enrollment course, you must enroll in the course directly with the originating institution (the institution that is offering the course). Depending on the institution, the process may include applying to that institution, even for just one course.  You are not able to enroll in an open enrollment course as a USI student via the Indiana College Network, and USI-based financial assistance will not apply.

What types of institutions are listed in the ICN database?
ICN institutions are members of the Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education (IPSE).  There are two types: 1) Public institutions, including Ball State University, Indiana State University,  Indiana University, Ivy Tech State College, Purdue University, University of Southern Indiana, and Vincennes University; and 2) Private institutions, such as Indiana Tech, Indiana Wesleyan University, University of Indianapolis, University of Saint Francis, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, and Taylor University.

From which institutions can I take courses via the ICN?
You may take semester-bound courses offered by any of the institutions listed in the ICN database. However, if you wish to take a course offered by a private institution, you will be responsible for any tuition overage (compared to USI).  USI financial aid will cover only the tuition amount equal to, but not exceeding, USI tuition rates.  Correspondence courses, also called "open enrollment" courses, cannot be taken via the ICN.  If you wish to take an open enrollment course, you must enroll in the course directly with the originating institution (the institution that is offering the course).

What are the steps in the ICN pre-registration process?

View the Step-by-Step Guide for Completing an ICN Pre-Registration Form (Flash file) to assist you in this process.

If you haven't already visited the Registration page on the USI Distance Learning website, do so now to get important information that is not included in this guide. Be sure to select the USI Student Taking a Non-USI Distance Learning Course scenario for the appropriate guidelines.

The first step in the pre-registration process for courses via ICN is to determine the course you need at USI by consulting with your academic advisor. Neither the ICN nor the USI Distance Learning office is able to assist you in this step as degree requirements vary for each degree program.

Once you know the course you need at USI, you should consult the ICN Course Transferability Grid located on the Distance Learning website under Resources. You can also search the site. This site has courses listed from all of the schools in Indiana with a grid showing how the courses transfer to each school.

If you do not find an equivalent for the course you need on these grids, you can search the ICN database of courses by subject or keyword to find courses that may be equivalent. If you find such a course, email the course code, title, and originating institution to the USI Distance Learning Office and we will check on the possibility of an equivalency to a USI course.

Once you've found a direct equivalent to the course you need at USI or a course that will transfer into USI, your next step is to search the ICN database of courses to see when that course will be offered. You can search by general category on the Basic Search page, or you can search for a specific course code on the Advanced Search page.

Follow the steps to create an account (if you haven't already), and submit your pre-registration form for your desired course/s.

ICN will review your pre-registration form for accuracy and any potential conflicts. ICN will then forward your pre-registration form to your Home Institution (USI) as well as the Originating Institution (the institution that is offering the course).
When USI receives your pre-registration an acknowledgement will be sent to you and your advisor. A special CRN will be sent to you to register your course on MyUSI. If you have a hold on your account you will not be able to register the course until all holds are cleared. When the course has successfully been added to your USI schedule the request will be sent to the Originating Institution to register you in their class. The registration will be complete when you get an acceptance from the Originating Institution.

For courses taken via the ICN, how do I pay my bill and obtain my grade?
You will be charged USI tuition and fees by the USI Bursar's Office. You must consult the USI deadline for payments and make payment arrangements by that date to finalize your registration. Be sure to consult the USI Distance Learning website for important information regarding billing and payments.  Express Pay information is available online.

Upon course completion, USI will generate a grade report for you that we will send to the originating institution. Upon receipt of the grade from the professor of your course, we will enter it into the USI system. The grade will count towards your USI grade point average, and the credit hours will be from USI. You will not need to submit transcripts from the originating institution.

If we do not receive the grade from the originating institution by the deadline for posting grades at USI, you will receive an initial grade of Incomplete on your grade report from USI at the end of the semester. As soon as we receive your grade, we will replace the Incomplete with the grade you earned. You will not receive another grade report when this occurs. You can check your grade via MyUSI. If you need an official record of the grade, you can request a transcript from the USI Registrar's Office. 

How do I get my textbook and other course materials?
In most cases, you will need to purchase the textbook/s and other course materials from the originating institution itself. The USI Bookstore carries textbooks that are requested by USI professors. Most originating institutions will send information to you either by email or U.S. mail. This information includes instructions on how to purchase the necessary materials and how to access the course site. Please note that some institutions require that fees be submitted to them for course materials such as videotapes. You are responsible for submitting those fees; the cost of course materials is not included on your USI bill and is not paid by USI.

If you have not yet received information from the originating institution, click here to find the ICN Campus Coordinator's contact information for your originating institution on the ICN website. Most institutions' Distance Learning web pages have all the necessary information listed, so be sure to check these first. 

How do I start my ICN course?
Course access varies from one institution to another. Consult the originating institution's web site or the information sent to you by the originating institution for instructions on how to access your course. Be sure to note the start and end dates for your particular course because they may vary slightly than those of your USI courses. Test your access at least one week before the class starts to ensure you do indeed have access. If you encounter a problem, contact the originating institution immediately to resolve the issue before the course begins.

Once you've accessed the course, familiarize yourself with the setup. If the course utilizes Blackboard or another type of course management software, make sure you understand how to use each function. Read through the syllabus to establish an overview of the format of the course. If you will need to utilize a proctor for exams, take steps to secure a proctor. Ask the professor for assistance if you have any questions or concerns about the course.

How do I find an exam proctor?
USI's Department of Distance Learning  provides proctoring services in Evansville.  Contact a Distance Learning Coordinator at 812/228-5124 or if you need assistance.  If you are outside Evansville, consult the ICN Statewide List of Exam Proctoring Sites for contact information for nearly 100 test proctoring sites in Indiana.

What days and hours can I get my exam proctored in the Distance Learning Office: 

PROCTORING INFORMATION: Every Tuesday from 9am to 5pm and every Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm. (central time)

The first step is to notify your ICN professor that you want to take the exam at the Distance Learning Office here at USI. You must make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance.   Please contact the Distance Education Office at 812-228-5124 or email at *All times are Central Daylight Time. For more information, please visit /distance/students/current/proctoring

What if I need to withdraw from or drop the course?
In order to withdraw from or drop a course, you need to complete the USI drop form and fax it to Registrar's at 812\464-1911. This form can be found on the USI Distance Learning website under Resources.  USI students must drop ICN courses on the ICN website or in the DE Office, not in the Registrar's Office ornotat the originating institution.  Once the USI Distance Learning Office receives word from ICN that you have dropped, we can forward the information to the originating institution

Note: Lack of participation in a non-USI course does NOT mean an automatic withdrawal. If the appropriate drop/withdrawal paperwork is not processed, you will receive an F in the course, and this grade will appear on your USI records.

At what point, if any, do I need to contact the USI Distance Learning Office?
You should contact the USI Distance Learning Office if you have not yet received official confirmation from us that you are officially registered in your course or if you have questions or concerns that are not addressed on our Website.

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