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Distance Learning Exams Taken at Other Learning Centers

If you live outside the Evansville area, you can utilize an exam proctor from an ICN Learning Center or a local school or library.   Exam dates may be listed in the introduction letter or the course syllabus.  You must call the remote proctor at least five business days in advance of a scheduled exam date to make an appointment at the proctor’s convenience.   You are expected to take an exam on or before the exam date; therefore the proctor must be available during that time. If the proctor is not available, then another proctor should be utilized for the semester. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the remote proctor two days prior to the scheduled exam date to make sure the exam has arrived. Failure to follow these instructions may prevent you from taking the exam. Exam scores can be obtained by contacting your instructor.

If you need assistance finding a proctor in your area, you can find ICN Learning Center Coordinators listed by city at  If you do not have an ICN Learning Center Coordinator in your city, a proctor may also be:

  • A school superintendent, principal, counselor, or teacher;
  • An administrator or librarian of a college or university; or
  • A commissioned officer whose rank is higher that the student’s (for those in the military).

Please note: A student’s relative, workplace supervisor or subordinate may not proctor an exam. The USI Distance Learning office reserves the right to reject any exam proctor.  Exams will not be mailed or faxed to home addresses. In order to create an appropriate testing environment, exams may not be taken in a proctor’s home. Exams are proctored at no charge in the USI Distance Learning office; however, students are responsible for any proctoring fees assessed by other testing locations.


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