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Surviving and Thriving in Distance Learning

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Distance learning offers an excellent study alternative to flexibly accommodate students’ degree completion needs. It also opens a door embracing teaching innovations and learning collaborations via the use of Internet and emerging technologies.

However, students tend to underestimate their readiness level, which often leads them to face multiple challenges that hinder their online learning success.

The purpose of this course is to provide a user-friendly learning environment that assists students in analyzing their readiness level, determining their online learning needs, and practicing required technical skills. Obtaining essential knowledge, guidance, and training support, students will strengthen their ability to study online effectively and efficiently for better learning outcomes.

What is covered in this course? 

Week 1: Exploring Distance Learning

Week 2: Learning Technology Overview

Week 3: Online Student Readiness Assessment

Week 4: LMS and Online Discussion Tools

Week 5: Distance Learning Procedures, Policies and Regulations

Week 6: Distance Learning Services and Research Resources

Week 7: Individual Learning Plan for Online Study Success


If you are curious about your readiness level for online learning success, please go to Blackboard and enter the course site "FREE Distance Learning Student Readiness Assessment" to get started with the assessment.

This assessment is completely free for all USI students. It takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.

If you do not see this course on Blackboard or have any question about this assessment, please call the Department of Distance Learning at 812/228-5124 for assistance.

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