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12s Exam Proctoring Services 

Your Distance Learning professors may require exam proctoring. It is the student’s responsibility to locate a proctor and/or proctoring site to fulfill the course requirements.

Consult your course syllabus to determine if the exam proctoring service is required.  Indiana students living outside the Evansville area and need an exam proctor can find ICN Learning Center Coordinators' assistance for their proctoring needs. The ICN Learning Center list is available at

USI Exam Proctoring Service

The Department of Distance Learning at USI provides a free proctoring service for USI Distance Learning students. Appointment is required! For further information about this service, please read the Policy for Exams Proctored at USI.

USI Proctoring Schedule - Prior appointment is required at 812/228-5124 or email to

  • Tuesday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in the Faculty Innovation Studio (FA 46)
  • Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the Faculty Innovation Studio (FA 46)

If you cannot meet the exam time your professor provides and would like to take your exams at our Learning Center, you must obtain your professor's permission and make an appointment. Appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance and can be made by contacting the Distance Learning Office at 812/228-5124 or send an email to

Off-Campus Exam Proctoring Options

Who is qualified to proctor an exam for you?

  • A school superintendent, principal, counselor, or teacher;
  • An administrator or librarian of a college or university; or
  • A commissioned officer whose rank is higher than the student’s (for those in the military).

Please note: A student’s relative, workplace supervisor or subordinate may not proctor an exam. The USI Distance Learning office reserves the right to reject any exam proctor.  Exams will not be mailed or faxed to home addresses. In order to create an appropriate testing environment, exams may not be taken in a proctor’s home. Exams are proctored at no charge in the USI Distance Learning office; however, students are responsible for any proctoring fees assessed by other testing locations.


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