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Student's Responsibilities

  • Distance learning course exam dates are set by the instructors. Students are responsible for communicating with your instructor regarding course exams and exam schedules before scheduling the proctoring time with the Distance Learning staff.

  • If you cannot take an exam on the scheduled date, you must obtain permission from the instructor to take it at the Distance Learning office.  If your request is regarding a vacation or work conflict, and the proctor’s schedule cannot accommodate your request, you will have to make arrangements to take the exam on the scheduled date.  If you cannot take the exam on the scheduled date due to unforeseen extraordinary circumstances, you must provide written documentation (doctor’s excuse, etc.), or you may not be given a make-up exam.

  • Exams are proctored at the USI Distance Learning office by appointment only.  To schedule an appointment, refer to the proctoring session schedule above and then call the Distance Learning office at 812/228-5124 or send a request email to  You are expected to take an exam as scheduled by the course instructor.  If you fail to give prior notice that you are unable to keep the exam appointment, the exam may be returned to the instructor. 

  • If your exam is being mailed to our office, call the Distance Learning office at 812/228/5124 at least two days prior to the scheduled exam date to make sure your exam has arrived.  If your exam has not been received by the Distance Learning office, it is your responsibility to contact the course instructor and request the exam be sent.

  • Remember to bring a picture identification on the day of your exam, such as a student ID or driver’s license.

  • Bring in allowed materials for the exam. The course instructor dictates which materials can be used for the exam, such as pen, pencil, lined paper, calculator, etc.

  • If your exam is print-based, the Distance Learning proctor will forward the completed exam and any related material to the course instructor (either a USI instructor or one teaching at another institution).

  • The proctoring hours and location are as followed (Central Standard Time Zone):
    • Tuesday 9 a.m.  - 4 p.m. in FA 46
    • Wednesday 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. in FA 46

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