University of Southern Indiana

Non-USI Distance Education Courses

To pre-register for an ICN course, please go to Indiana College Network. You may NOT register via MyUSI for these courses.

You need to create an account and complete the ICN pre-registration form. Completion of this form does not guarantee enrollment in the course. You will be contacted by the USI Learning Center Coordinator to confirm your interest and course availability. Academic advisor approval is required before your registration is processed. As with on-campus courses, pre-requisites or placement tests may be required. 

If you do not have confirmation by 4:30 pm on the Wednesday prior to the start of classes, you WILL NOT be registered for the course.

  • This process takes up to six weeks. PLAN AHEAD!
  • You will receive confirmation from the originating institution if accepted.
  • Payment will be required once the course has been placed on your USI schedule.
  • Upon finishing the course, it will be added to your USI transcript.

Course Drop/Withdrawal from an ICN Course:

  • You MUST fill out an ICN drop/withdrawal form.
  • All Drops and Withdrawals follow the USI Academic Calendar.
  • Refunds handled according to the USI Academic Calendar.
  • Dropping courses may affect financial assistance, health insurance coverage, and etc.
  • The date that this completed form is received by the USI Registrar's Office is considered the course drop or withdraw date.

Note: Lack of participation in a non-USI course does NOT mean an automatic withdrawal. If the appropriate drop/withdrawal paperwork is not processed, you will receive an F in the course, and this grade will appear on your USI records.


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