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USI Distance Education Courses

Contact the distance education office at your home institution or your local Learning Center for registration assistance. Or, you may complete the ICN pre-registration form to indicate your interest in taking a USI distance learning course. You can complete the form online. Completion of this form does not guarantee enrollment in the course. We will not process this form until we have received approval from your Home Institution's campus coordinator. As with on-campus courses, pre-requisites or placement tests may be required. You will be contacted by the USI Learning Center Coordinator to confirm your interest and course availability.  Note: You will appear in your home institution's computer system, NOT in USI's system.

Consult your home institution's academic calendar for drop and withdrawal deadlines and refund information. Consult your academic advisor before dropping or withdrawing from courses.  Dropping courses may affect financial assistance, health insurance coverage, and other things. 

If you decide to drop or withdraw, please alert your USI instructor and your ICN coordinator as well as complete the paperwork required at your home institution.  

Note: Lack of participation in a USI distance education course does NOT mean an automatic withdrawal. If the appropriate drop/withdrawal paperwork is not processed, you will receive an F in the course, and this grade will appear on your records.

You will pay your home institution's tuition and fees and follow its billing procedures. Questions concerning financial assistance should be directed to your home institution's financial assistance office.

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