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Past Projects

These titles are a partial list of each year's Endeavor! Symposium presentations.


Twelfth Annual Endeavor! Symposium

  • Coordination, Collaboration, and Application: Increasing the Relevance of Evidence-Based Practice for Novice Nursing Students
  • Variable Water Level Response to Stress in a Sandstone Aquifer of the Illinois Basin
  • Development of a Calixarene-Based Carcerand
  • Distribution of Income, Health, and Education Life Chances in Brazil, Chad, and the Phillippines
  • The Isolation and Amplification of the Actin Gene Sequence for the Slime Mold Stemonitis flavogenita
  • A Rhetorical Discourse
  • The Invariant Measure for Anderson Localized Negative Index Metamaterials Continuously Disordered
  • Hydrogen Production Through Beta-Elimination
  • The Plyboo Bicycle Project
  • Parkour Training for Youth
  • Assessment of the University of Southern Indiana's Microbiology Laboratory Regarding Aseptic Technique and Biosafety Guidelines of Salmonella Species and Serovars
  • The Taxonomic Status of Subspecies of the Fantail Darter
  • Use of Stratigraphy, Sedoment, and Soils to Assess the Potential for Converting an Abandoned Agricultural Field into a Man-Made Wetland, Evansville, Indiana
  • Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone: Examining the Relationships Between the Living and the Dead Through Decorated Headstones
  • Mitotic Localization of the CIN-4 Protein in Caenorhabditis elegans



Eleventh Annual Endeavor! Symposium

  • Communities Making a Difference in Childhood Obesity Through Triathlon Training
  • Development of a Dithiepin Framework for Novel Host Molecules
  • The Woman with an Unusual Smile: A Case of Fused Mandibular Lateral Incisor and Canine in a Pre-Columbian Amerindian from Southwestern Indiana
  • The Impact of Intercultural Service Learning on Ethnocentrism and Helping
  • The Association Between the Rosette Motif and Death in Ancient Greek Artifacts
  • Food and Maintenance of Culture in El Cibao Region of the Dominican Republic
  • Spiritual Structures: Revealing Evansville’s Heritage, Diversity, and Community
  • False Head Behavior and Mechanics of a Temperate Butterfly Experiment and Modeling
  • Costuming Research and Acquisition for Rent Unique to Its Origins
  • Assessing Critical Care Nursing: Evaluation of Care for Critically Ill Patients in South Africa
  • Sustainable Energy, Women, and the Modern World
  • Designing Alternative Energy Systems in Jamaica



Tenth Annual Endeavor! Symposium

  • Assessing the International Experience: Expectations and Experiences of Peruvian Students
  • Computational Studies on Dehydrogenation Catalysts Targeting Hydrogen Generation
  • The Transition from Unconfined to Confined Aquifer in a Riparian Wetland Along the White River, Manistee National Forest, Michigan
  • Using SEM and Fractal Analysis to Morphologically Fingerprint Volcanic Ash
  • The Functional Movement Screen Deep Squat Test: A Quantitative Validation of Clinical Scoring Data
  • Determination of Insulin Resistance (HOMA_IR) in College-Aged Men and Women
  • Magical Junk Deters Witches: A Study of Witch-Bottles and Their Components
  • Regression Analysis of Cerebrovascular Disease Instances in Indiana
  • Toll and Toll-Like Receptors of Innate Immunity
  • Using an Analysis of the Holocaust to Learn Effective Social Studies Methods
  • Representation Versus Reality of the Japanese Family
  • Institute of Management Accountants: Student Case Competition, Keenan’s Pub
  • The History and Tradition of Oaxacan Woodcarving
  • The Relationship Between HooDoo and the Blues: How to Get Your Mojo Workin’
  • Regulation of the Lactate Transport Complex in Human Breast Cancer by Cyclooxygenase-2
  • Society in Transition: China and the Continuing Questions of a Growing Economy
  • History, Values, Beliefs, and Lifestyle of the Bruderhof and the “Society of Brothers”
  • Correlation in the Family Ictaluridae Between the Rhodopsin Gene and the Environment in Which They Live

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