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BreakOut Program
for small businesses ready to move to the next level

A project funded by the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development Office

Application Process

Click on “Apply online” tab at the bottom of any of the web pages..

You have the option to submit the application any time before June 13.


• June 13 - noon CST deadline for submitting final application
• July 9 – 2nd round selections announced
• Project activities for the 2nd round are tentatively scheduled between July of 2012 and March of 2013.

Definition of Gross Revenue

For the purposes of this program, the USDA has defined gross revenue as follows:
• Gross revenue is defined as revenue of a business before deductions for any purpose, except for sales returns.
• In the case of a manufacturing or merchandising business, gross revenue means gross profit (i.e., gross sales or gross receipts less cost of goods sold).
• Revenue for a given period consists of the inflow of cash and receivables from sales made in that period.
• Also, earnings on investments, such as interest earned on a bank savings account or on a Government bond and the dividends received through ownership of capital stock, are part of the gross revenue.