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2014-2015 Scholarship Deadline:

Friday, January 31

Scholarship Program

The Epi-Hab Scholarship is for USI students only, and awarded each spring during Honors Week.  Six awards of $1,000 are  available, with efforts made to spread the awards across all USI colleges and divisions.  Any student meeting the minimum requirements is invited to apply, the essay is the critical factor in the scholarship competition.  Please see Epi-Hab Scholarship information below. Contact Andrea Sinnett at 812/464-1829 for additional information or instructions.

Download the Application

Details: The Epi-Hab Scholarship Program provides a $1,000 ($500 each semester) scholarship to one student from each of the colleges within the University of Southern Indiana, and one from University Division/Bachelor of General Studies.

Eligibility:  Applicants will be enrolled in a minimum of three semester hours at USI at the time of application and award [both fall and spring semesters]. Students expecting to graduate before the award year should not apply.  Applicants must have at least 12 completed semester hours at USI or transferred 12 completed semester hours to USI. A GPA standard for undergraduate applicants is at least 2.7, and for graduate applicants, 3.0. 

Requirements:  To qualify for the Epi-Hab Scholarship, each student will submit a complete application packet that consists of:

         One completed Epi-Hab Application, signed and dated

         One printed essay [not to exceed 1,000 words, name on every page]

         Provide two letters of recommendation [name, address, and telephone numbers of individuals must be included]

         Send or drop off your application to:

    Epi-Hab Scholarship
    C/O Andrea Sinnett
    USI Outreach and Engagement
    8600 University Blvd. (UCE 2208)
    Evansville, IN 47712

By email: (in Microsoft Word or pdf format)

The Essay should contain the following information:  Students are asked to write a 1,000 word essay describing proposed field of study and future career plans; students should include how these plans will support our mission to help advance the knowledge and understanding of disability in America and within our community. Explain how you will use your education or experience to make a difference for people with disabilities. Also include: Name, address, phone number, email address and the college/program in which the student is enrolled. Essays are judged based on quality of organized thought and originality.

Who Should Apply? Students who have a disability or assist individuals with disabilities in either their personal lives or workplace, are encouraged to apply.

Selection Process: The committee will review each application on the basis of the information submitted, in accordance with the required items. Once all the qualifications are met, the Selection Committee will then make its selections based on the content and originality of the essay papers. The chosen recipients will be notified by Honors Week 2014 and the scholarship will be presented during Honors Week, March 2014. 

How it Works:  The Epi-Hab Scholarship Funds will be deposited in the winners' USI accounts and may be used toward educational expenses incurred at USI which includes: tuition, course fees, textbooks and housing. Funds will be distributed in the fall and spring semesters following the award, in the amount of 50% of the award per semester. Students expecting to graduate before the year of the award should not apply.  Each winner has a maximum of four calendar years in which to use the award, from the first registration period following the award, i.e., winners from the 2013-2014 year will be able to utilize the award beginning with the fall semester of 2014, but not before.

Please note: The scholarship award is subject to those currently enrolled at USI. Individuals who graduate are not able to apply scholarship winnings to expenses incurred from previous semesters of enrollment, prior to winning the scholarship.

While not specifically targeting applicants with disabilities, we encourage students with disabilities, as well as others, to apply for this scholarship.

Please Note: In the event that any college or division has fewer than three qualified applicants, the Epi-Hab Scholarship Selection Committee reserves the right to create an at-large pool of qualified applicants, which may result in multiple winners from one or more colleges.

Apply now for the 2014-2015 Epi-Hab Scholarship!
Deadline is Friday, January 31, 2014!

Download the application for details.



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