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Dealing With Diversity in the Workplace
How well do you communicate with workers who are “different” from yourself?  Learn how consideration of diversity issues such as gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, family status, and social class can improve your working relationships and your work environment. 
Conflict Management
When people have meaningful interactions at work conflict will naturally exist.  It’s how individuals learn to deal with difficult and possibly volatile situations that can make the difference in the working environment.  This two hour program, designed for employees at all levels can be used in a variety of work situations, and identify personal styles that influence conflict behavior. 
Basic Customer Service
This skill building program helps front line employees develop first class competencies in meeting the service needs of internal and external customers. During the two- hour program, participants will learn the essentials of customer service and participate in activities and group discussions. 
Employee Retention
High turnover is not just an upper management problem.  Using a multi-media approach this two-hour session shows managers, supervisors, and team leaders how they can better motivate and retain employees. It provides solid information on group problem solving, motivating employees, coaching to keep performance high, being flexible when employees need to balance work and family, and key rules to retaining employees. 
Breaking Down the Barriers: 
Increasing the Efficiency of Your Team Meetings
Are your team meetings in trouble?  In this two-hour program, participants learn how to use the basic skills for dealing empathetically with others and using efficient communication techniques to improve team meetings.   Participants will discover how to use skills for reaching consensus in meetings and be able to describe the roles of group leader, facilitator/observer, and group member. 
Coaching & Counseling Employees
During this program you will learn and practice helping others improve individual performance by using coaching and counseling skills with employees in a variety of workplace situations. This workshop stresses the importance of listening skills, questioning techniques, and tips to help others improve performance. 
Telemarketing Skills
During this two-hour program business professionals interested in learning more about telemarketing will benefit from this session geared to increase sales success.  Turn every phone call into better customer service with tips, checklists, and exercises that will help you learn to organize, create credibility, and convert opportunities into future business. 
Presentation & Speech Tips for the Busy Professional
During this two-hour program, participants will learn the essentials of how to deliver a public speech or business presentation. Participants will learn simple key elements to remember (and nasty problems to avoid) while making a presentation. This program is beneficial for beginners and invaluable for the pro as a refresher.
Understanding Your Communication Style
During this two-hour session, participants will take a short inventory to identify their communication styles. We will discuss the four different communication styles and how we all differ in our everyday communication with others. Participants will be involved in activities that assist in understanding how to improve personal and group communication. Call 800-467-8600 for customized scheduling information.
Improving Your Communication With Staff
This program is geared towards school administrators who are interested in improved staff communications.  During this interactive session, participants will learn more about their own communication style.  Also, activities will be provided that help administrators identify different communication styles among staff.  Participants will gain insight on how to communicate better with different communication styles.  Many ideas and tips will be provided to assist in enhancing communication with staff.
Chemistry for Environmental Professionals
This training program is approved and endorsed by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for two continuing education units.  This easy to understand quick refresher course covers environmental chemical measurements, regulatory significance of chemical measurements, and an introduction to risk assessment. 
Water Quality for Environmental Technicians
Approved by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management for two continuing education units, this program is designed primarily for municipal environmental workers.  The course will cover water quality regulations and processes, health effects, biological pathogens and disinfection by-products, and membrane technology reverse osmosis, electrodialysis reversal, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration.
Wastewater Math
This course is designed for those in the environmental field; especially wastewater treatment operators who wish to gain a better understanding of basic math for wastewater calculation.  The course is approved for two continuing education units by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

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